Glückliches Yule

24. December 2005

So, THE DAY won’t be white after all, last week’s snow has all melted away with daytime temps returning to “normal” for this time and place.

But all THE DAY really amounts to, for most of us, is a time when the Great Engine of Commerce takes a pause, as if to catch its breath, before charging on into the new year. Not completely, of course — certain vital services must be maintained without fail — but enough that everyone is affected by it somehow.

It is a day of family reunion for many, or a bonus day off from work, or a denouement from a community seasonal production, or cash-in-on-the-presents day, or a Christian holy day, or a stolen holy day (from the Roman pagans), or a stolen-back-from-the-Christians holy day (by the Neo-Pagans, who call it “Yule”).

By the Discordian Calendar, the corresponding date is Prickle-Prickle, the 67th Day of Aftermath. Almost time for another round of Chaos season, folks.

Here’s hoping everyone gets lots of presents today.

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White Nights

18. December 2005

Okay, this is probably not news at all to people who have long lived in northern climes, but not counting my first 18 months I’m new to these lattitudes.

I knew it snows up here in the winter. What I didn’t know that, when you’re in a town like Cheyenne, and there’s snow on the ground, and snow in the sky, it’s bright enough outside at midnight you can read a newspaper (except for the comic strips they print at postage-stamp size these days). City lights reflect off the low clouds and falling snow, which reflect back off the ground again, until you’ve got half-illumination all over the place. It’s friggin’ weird, man.

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Paid punditry

18. December 2005

Hey, I wish someone would pay me two grand a pop to write op-ed pieces. Just two per month and I can not only cover all my family’s expenses, I could buy those flying lessons I’ve been wanting for years.

Sometimes I wonder whether news organizations frown on this sort of thing because it highlights the fact that they pay their writers such a piddling amount that they can be bought off so cheaply.

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Turning the corner

13. December 2005

Yesterday I drew the last page of the Bastiat project.

Today I began drawing Roswell, Texas, my new project with L. Neil Smith.

I had grown quite weary, during the Bastiat project, of drawing 19th Century French stuff. French men, French buildings, French carriages, French countryside. Hey, I’m a sci-fi guy, and while I appreciate the considerable pro-liberty value of this project, I was sick and fuggin tired of 19th Century French shit.

So, what’s the first thing I draw for R,T?

The French Legation, built in the 19th Century in Austin, Texas, for one of the first world powers that recognized the Republic of Texas. In our universe, it’s an historical monument. In the R,T universe, it has been added on to a bit and made the private mansion of Texican President Charles A. Lindbergh, and passed on to his son, Charlie, when the younger Lindbergh gains the Presidency.

Oh well, it’s just one drawing. I’ll also get to draw cool motorcycles, automobiles and aircraft, a crashed flying saucer, a really weird alien, and several highly bodaceous babes.

There’s still some wrapping-up to be done on the Bastiat project. My lovely and talented wife, E.J., is adding tones to the final pages, and I still have the lettering to do. But that should all be wrapped up this week.

Then I hand the whole package off to Michael Everling, who commissioned this work. He hasn’t been very communicative lately so I don’t know what will happen with it. I’m hoping he’ll put it online and if he does, I’ll make an announcement here.

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The Nativist Threat

13. December 2005

Okay, this is a long political rant. If you don’t care about politics, come back later when I’ll have more comics-related poop.

A straight-forward reading of libertarian philosophy — the Zero Aggression Principle — on immigration favors a consistent “open borders” position, in terms of both trade and migration. We all, as human beings, have the right seek out voluntary exchanges from one another, as a way of multiplying the benefits of our labor and improving our lives. Political borders are arbitrary boundaries which, while sometimes useful for keeping foreign armies at bay, ought not impede the peaceful flow of goods and services, both as a practical matter for wealth creation and as a moral matter of self-ownership.

But lately on the nominally “libertarian” forums I frequent, I hear cries for throwing up barriers against immigration, and denunciations of “illegal immigrants” who come to “leech” off of our government programs and services and refuse to assimilate.

weiter lesen…

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