The Danish Cartoon Bruhaha

21. February 2006

I have been wanting to comment on the Great Danish Cartoon Bruhaha but it’s taken me a while to sort out my thoughts about it, and I wanted to say something new and different about it, and now it’s almost too late — the story is close to falling into the attention-deficit memory hole.

Since I’m a cartoonist I suppose I ought to draw a cartoon about this mess, but someone else has already come up with the perfect cartoon commentary and I can’t top it. (If you dont’ see a cartoon about a cheese Danish, pita bread, a bagel and a jumbo bacon cheese burger, find the Feb. 16 posting.)


This whole situation is serving to make a lot of people of various political stripes look like hypocrites.
weiter lesen…

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Okay, this is weird

7. February 2006

Over at her blog The Beat, Heidi MacDonald alerts us to the website “” which is a place where Photoshop artists go to do whatever it is Photoshop artists do online.

Anyway, they’re having a contest titled, “Reality Manga 2: What the world would look like if Japanese cartoons were actually realistic.” Apparently there was also a previous “Reality Manga” contest which we missed. Anyway, the contestants took celebrity photos and altered them to produce the classic “manga” look: huge, detailed eyes, tiny nose and mouth, pointy chin.

Manga Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg, Manga-fied

The results can be described as comical, but more the “nervous-giggle-I-hope-I-don’t-have-nightmares-about-this” kind of comical.

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My son the rocket scientist

5. February 2006

Okay, Son the Younger is not a rocket scientist. He’s an avid Legos builder, and particularly craves Star Wars projects.

The other day he spent the last of his accumulated Christmas money on the Legos Star Wars “Slave 1″ kit, which is based on the starship of Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from Episode 5.

This kit contains 5,283,751 parts, and when assembled this model is about 15 inches long stem to stern (I think), and has various hatches that open and close, plus a built-in missile launcher. And it comes with four figures — Boba Fett, a droid named IL-88, some clown named Dengar, and Han-Solo-Encased-In-Carbonite-Slab.

Ian and his Slave 1 model

And Son the Younger, not yet 10 years old, almost built this thing by himself. I have to say “almost” because when he was 90 percent finished, he realized he’d left out a piece somewhere in the middle of this complicated magilla, and Old Dad had to figure out a way to get it put it in without completely un-doing 4 hours of child labor.

This thing was complex in its assembly, with hundreds of interlocking bits that were intended to be assembled in a certain order. The missile launcher, which resides in the inner main hull and is held in place with six pins at three levels, was a a real bitch to deal with. But I managed to break the model down into four large sections and rebuild them again in about an hour or so.

So Son the Younger has his new spaceship toy, and is having a ball with it. It’s Christmas in February!

Steve Kubby Update:

Reports are that Kubby has lost 20 pounds during his first few days in jail. His jailers are supposedly allowing him Marinol (which has to be supplied by Kubby’s family, the jail won’t stock it), but refusing to allow him marijuana either to smoke or to eat in food. They coerced him into signing a waiver promising not to hold Placer County responsible should he die while in their custody — on the pretext that he refused some standard high-blood pressure medication, never mind that Kubby’s own doctor warned him against using them.

Latest word is that Kubby’s Marinol is running out and they have having a hard time securing a supply, partly for financial reasons. Anyone who knows a way to get low-cost or free Marinol for Steve should contact

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