We’re Live!

30. April 2006

The all-new BigHeadPress.com website has launched today.

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What a Rush, Part 2

29. April 2006

Didja hear the latest news about Rush Limbaugh?

Hippie Rush

In case the news link above expires, here’s the skinny: Three years after he was accused of “doctor shopping” to get presciptions for Oxycontin needed for his painful ear ailment, Rush’s lawyers have negotiated a plea settlement with Florida prosecutors. Part of the deal was that he turn himself in to the cops for “arrest” and processing, which is what made the headlines.

The significant part of the deal is that under the agreement Rush will not do jail time, and will get the whole matter expunged so long as he “seeks treatment” for his drug addiction.

Isn’t that what he was accused of doing in the first place?

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There’s gold in them thar gold

29. April 2006

You may have noticed that I’ve added a commodities-price ticker to the title graphic above.

I did this primarily so that readers would get a reminder of what the Bushwhackers are doing to the once-almighty dollar. Gold and oil are both way up, and it’s no coincidence. The Ferral Reserve is cranking out new money at warp speed to pay for King George’s domestic constituency-payoffs and overseas misadventures.

Folks, it’s gonna get ugly. People whose savings are primarily in dollar-denominated assets — savings accounts, IRAs, corporate bonds, most mutual funds and 401-Ks, are gonna take a bath. The numbers in their account statements will go up but the value of those numbers will nose-dive.

The people who will do well, or at least not get skinned, will be those who bought real-estate before the recent bubble, those who own stock in the right companies (hell if I know which ones those are), and who own commodites such as precious metals.

With the recent run-up of gold and silver, is it too late to buy in? Depends. It probably is too late if you’re interested in short-term profits, but for longer-term investments, such as for retirement, I’d say it’s a smart thing to own at least some gold and silver as largish part of a diverse portfolio.

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29. April 2006

Well, those dang spam-bots were getting thicker than the flies on Janet Reno, so I’ve had my genius brother install a new “bot-check” feature into the comments form. Sorry to inconvenience you regular commenters (all five of you), but I’ve also disabled the feature requiring comments by new people to held for moderation, so maybe we’ll see some fresh blood here.

Especially after BigHeadPress.Com 2.0 launches on Monday.

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Seven days and counting

23. April 2006

Seven more days until the launch of what I’m calling “BigHeadPress.Com 2.0.” Br’er Frank is hard at work on the technical side of things, making sure everything works.

I’m creating advertising art (both for “house ads”) and for ad space we’re buying on other sites — look for our ads on ReasonOnline, BuzzScope, Locus Online, and several other places — and doing final tweaks to the “framing” graphics. I will also be issuing a press release in the next day or so which will have links to sample pages of the new stories.

The new site will feature the three stories we’ve talked about already: The Hook, The Architect, and Roswell, Texas. Each will have its own presentation page. We will have a forum where readers can discuss the stories, and some of the creators — ahem — will have blogs wherein they can talk about whatever their hearts desire.

And of course, we’ll also have a Company Store wherein people can buy t-shirts, coffee mugs, thongs, etc. with graphics from their favorite stories.

This is gonna be one hectic week for me, I tell ya.

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Art history book banned

18. April 2006

Comics-industry commentators are burning up the wires over a story out of San Bernardino County, California, in which an art-history book concerning manga (Japanese comics) has been ordered removed from all county libraries after a parent complained.

Not wishing to repeat the details here, I direct readers to stories here and commentary here and here.

This situation brings forth a goulash of various contentious issues: the sex versus violence debate; the differences in Western versus Japanese attitudes towards depictions of sexuality; the political influence of cultural conservatives versus cultural libertarians; how to (or whether to) screen sensitive material from minors while allowing adults access to the same material; and whether publicly-owned libraries ought to be shielded against the desires of the public, if such can be accurately determined, which owns the libraries.

The First Amendment and free-speech notions are raised most often, but I don’t see this as particularly relevant. The book is not being banned from privately-owned bookstores, nor from the mails. Nobody is being arrested and having his live and liberty jeopardized. This is a case of county supervisors, acting as the board of directors for a publicly-owned institution, overriding the decisions of its administrative employees.

It would be as if the local manager of a Barnes & Noble chain store stocked a book which provoked complaints to the home office, and the home office ordered the manager to remove the book.

Personally, I think the county supervisors are grandstanding and otherwise acting like asses, but I don’t live in San Bernardino County. But if I did, I would say that the root of the problem is the fact that we have government-owned monopoly libraries. If, on the other hand, our libraries were generally supported via philanthropy and volunteer labor, there would be a great deal less controversy over such matters.

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So stupid, it’s hilarious

17. April 2006

We’re fans of the Firefox browser, and Son the Elder found something created by another Firefox fan that’s so stupid, it’s hilarious.

Check it out.

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It’s May 1

13. April 2006

For those who haven’t got word already, the new BigHeadPress.Com website is scheduled to “go live” on May 1. We will launch with three features: The Hook by Mike Baron and Gabe Eltaeb, The Architect by Mike Baron and Andie Tong, and Roswell, Texas by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser.

For more details, see the press release available at the current BigHeadPress.Com site.

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