27. June 2006

Whew! I’ve just returned from the Postal Orifice where I shipped off boxes full of promotional flyers for Big Head Press to the two of our artists (Andie Tong and Mike Kilgore) who don’t live within 100 miles of me.

The flyer is an 8.5″ x 5.5″ card featuring our three feature stories: The Hook, The Architect, and Roswell, Texas. Here’s a shrunk-down sample of how it looks:

Andie had mentioned that it was a bit difficult promoting the web-site to friends etc. without having something tangible to give them, with our site’s URL on it. So in addition to the flyers I printed up a bunch of business cards, one batch for each story. And those will be going out to BHP artists and writers as well.

Things got interesting because there’s a big comics con in London starting July 1 and I had procrastinated a bit getting this stuff printed. Then I had to box up the portion going to Andie, who will be distributing the flyers and cards there for us. Man, express-shipping a package to England these days is a major production — there are all kinds of forms to fill out, and the shipper needs to know exactly what’s in the box, and it has to be assigned to one of 87 categories, and they need both sender’s and recipient’s phone numbers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I’m not even going to say how much it cost to ship an 8-lb box guaranteed to get there in 3 days.

Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be drawing comics. Yeah, that’s what this is supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

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Nudie Villa

16. June 2006

In my e-mailbox this morning came a message from Terry Liberty Parker, a reminiscence of a very interesting community I was part of back in the late ’70s to early ’80s.

The community was, in form, a clothing-optional apartment complex, situated in an “economically disadvantaged” — that is, black — part of Austin, Texas. The place had been run down and destined for the bulldozer, but Parker managed to convince an investor that the place could be re-habbed profitably, under his management philosophy. Parker re-named the place “New Manor Apartments” but most of its residents came to affectionately call the place “Nudie Villa.”

That philosophy was libertarianism, somewhat simplified and re-cast as a “non-aggression truce.” Residents and guests could do as they liked, so long as they did not threaten or commit violence against other persons or their property. At any given time, only a small minority of the residents (such as myself) considered themselves “libertarians” but nearly everyone understood how the “truce” worked, and supported it.

The experiment ended in 1988, about the same time I left Texas for California. Parker gives a very good summary of how the place worked, and what it was like to live there, in his message available here. Anarchists interested in intentional communities would, I think, profit from studying this bit of history.

And yes, I went naked quite a bit of the time, myself. When I was in my 20s, I looked pretty good.

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Kubby update 2

8. June 2006

We now have a happy ending, it appears, to the Steve Kubby saga.

Kubby’s jail time was minimized to only a few score days, rather than up to a year as had been originally threatened, for both the original convictions and the flight to Canada.

Kubby survived thanks to Marinol, which while not as effective as real marijuana for handling his symptoms, kept his blood pressure under control just well enough for him to survive several weeks in jail.

The whole story is on Kubby’s site.

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