Counter update

15. November 2006

After mulling things over, Bill St. Clair has determined that the way we’ve had the counter set up makes it too difficult for people to install and use, especially on WordPress blogs. So he’s put together a server-side version that generates an image which gets displayed on the client-side’s site.

We have this version up now on L. Neil Smith’s blog. There is a “wide” version and a square version, as before, but now to install either of them on your site, all you need do is copy the following code:

Wide version:

img src=”” alt=”America in Chains” width=”420″ height=”134″ /

Square version:
img src=”” alt=”America In Chains” width=”226″ height=”225″ /

In either case, add opening and closing brackets < and > at each end of the code string to make it work.

Bill likes to display the days in red text, and since I’m not paying him to do this, I won’t argue with him. I’m going to keep the older version on this site, with the white text. Just because I can.

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My purty counter

12. November 2006

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog. Too much stuff to do. But I wanted to announce my purty new counter, marking the days since newly empowered Democrats have failed to end the war, repeal the Patriot Act, abolish the Heimatsicherheits Amt, and restore the Bill of Rights.

Concept by L. Neil Smith, counter coding by Bill St. Clair, graphics and final coding by me.

I have it installed up in my header. If you’d like one of your own, you can get a zip file containing the html doc and the images needed — there are two versions, the “wide” one above and a 216×216 pixel “square” one that might work better with your own site design. You can get ‘em at

(You can also see both versions on The Libertarian Enterprise, although there seems to be some error in Ken’s coding which is messing up the counter display. Hopefully he can fix it soon.)

[Edited to add: The problem on the TLE site has been fixed. Apparently the problem is an incompatibility between javascript, which runs the counter, and certain versions of HTML, as specified in the header of TLE's pages. HTML 4.0 doesn't like it, but HTML 4.0.1 Transitional is fine with it. Also, XHTML 1.0 Strict doesn't like it either. However, it seems to look okay on MIE 6 no matter which HTML or XHTML form is specified in the header.]

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