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10. June 2007

It’s been brought to my attention that my old domain name, “Libertyartworx,” which I abandoned in 2003, has been bought by some company of assholes who point it to one of those sites that promises to “scan your computer for spyware” and proceeds to load your system full of trojans and other crap if you’re naiive enough to let them “scan” you. Or actually, “scam” you.

This is unfortunate because a lot of old links to my cartoon work floating around the Web contain the old, obsolete “” URLs and I don’t want people looking for my stuff to be finding that stuff instead.

So please, spread the word around your favorite forums, when the topic of my work comes up, that all links to my on-line artwork are either at, my on-line gallery, or, my publisher. is not mine anymore and goes to a scam site. Thank you.

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