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14. October 2007

Yes I’ve completely neglected this blog for the past four months — I plead being insanely busy, occasionally depressed, and frequently distracted. I’ll try to do better.

Feeling a bit better this month…

Yesterday I drove the 80 miles down to Boulder, Colorado to Time Warp Comics and Games, for the purpose of meeting my friends Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada, who live in San Diego but were in the Greater Martian Neighborhood to do a signing. Batton is the cartoonist who writes, draws, and self-publishes the Supernatural Law series of comics. Batton’s books are generally light-hearted, comedic, and definitely “old school” but always an enjoyable read. (The stories’ premise is that vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc. have legal problems, same as everybody else, and two New York attorneys specialize in representing them.)

Anyway, one of them ratted me out to Wayne Winsett, the store owner, so I was able to get fifty bucks worth of comics goodness in trade for some of the Big Head Press books I always carry in the cargo bay of my spaceship. I picked up issues 2 and 3 of Black Summer, Volume 2 of Persepolis, and Paul Pope’s 100%, along with several back issues of Radioactive Man, which Batton also writes for Bongo. Those last were gifted to Son the Younger to help stimulate his reading habits. We also agreed that when Roswell, Texas makes its in-print debut next year that I will do a signing there (along with Neil Smith if I can drag his ass down there).

(Speaking of public appearances, I’m going to be at Majesticon in Denver on Oct. 28, hopefully also with Neil.) Just in case anyone here lives close enough to Denver and wants to come see me.)

The other reason I’m feeling better is that Wife the Ex is taking Son the Elder on a trip this week to the Republic of Texas, and will be visiting my parents there. My mom, who is the greatest mom in the galaxy, is especially dear to both Son the Elder and Wife the Ex, because after Wife the Ex split from me, and her shack-up relationship with Jackass the Homewrecker fell apart, my Mom was the only one able and willing to take them in. They lived together for almost four years, and the Ex now thinks my Mom is her Mom, too. Oh, well, I don’t mind sharing, just so that Son the Elder gets to see his favorite Grandma — he simply adores her, and she’s in her 80s now and it’s really hard to tell how many more visits will be possible before she joins the Choir Invisible.

So it’s all good.

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