Cutting and running

1. October 2008

A friend of mine is thinking of migrating to Uruguay. I read a few articles about it and I can sort of see the attraction. Stable government by South American standards, almost as far away as you can get from the U.S. and still be in this hemisphere, and the people are mostly of European descent, which is good if you’re a white United Statesean wanting to blend in and be inconspicuous.

I gotta admit, between the weird goings on with the U.S. banking system and the de-facto repeal of the Posse Commitatus Act, I’ve been entertaining thoughts of expatriation myself. Don’t know where I’d go that would be safer, though. Uncle Sam has a long fucking reach. And I would absolutely have to have access to broad-band Internet.

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Happy Jewish New Year

1. October 2008

I’m not Jewish, but I’m thinking of making a New Year’s resolution and Hebrew Year 5769 has come along at a convenient time.

My resolution is to quit posting so much to WhiteChapel and post more here instead. Let’s see if I can actually do this.

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