The Wedding of Mike Baron

10. October 2009

The life of Mike Baron, who was tragically widowed in early 2007, took a turn for the better later last year when he met Ann Fisher at a motorcycle show. Their friendship blossomed into love and their love found its expression in marriage on October 10, 2009, at the home of a friend in Fort Collins.

Baron wedding party

If I still remembered how to do journalism properly I’d have everyone’s names in these photos. But all I can tell you is that the gentleman on the far left gave away the bride (I think he’s a step-brother), the bride should be easy to spot, the guy in the middle (who said he was not a minister but is descended from ministers) did the officiating, that’s Mike second from right, and the guy in the far right is a science-fiction writer who introduced himself to me but I’ll be damned if I can remember his name now.

Ann and Mike enjoying their moment

The couple wrote their own vows, which in Mike’s case as one might expect were pretty silly, but poignant. Here the couple share a laugh in their first minute as husband and wife.

Mike & Steve

Mike’s long-time creative partner Steve Rude, his wife Jaynelle, and the Rude Brood drove up from Phoenix for the event. Here, Mike and Steve pose for the ever-present wedding paparazzi. (Those unfamiliar with this duo, who created the legendary sci-fi-adventure comic NEXUS, should educate themselves by ordering collections of the work via RudeDude Productions. Steve Rude is a giant among cartoonists, in more ways than one.)

Elvis with Mike and Ann
Elvis schmoozing

And of course, no Mike Baron event is complete without a visit from The King of Rock & Roll. The King paid his respects to the happy couple before wandering around the reception and schmoozing with all the ladies. (He was a bit shorter than I remember but being dead for 25 years will do that to a fella.)

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