This will be my final entry on this blog

23. November 2013

I don’t live on “Mars” anymore. I still own the house, but with any luck, not for much longer.

I was brought back to the site by a comment on my “Arm-A-Dillo” post, from a fellow who wants to make the graphic into a t-shirt. Maybe next year, Bill. Look me up on Facebook, or on *diaspora, or on Twitter — I use my real name in all three places.

It’s been a few years since I’ve even looked at this blog, with its photo of my house from 2006. Brings back memories, some happy, some not. I remember how proud I was to have acquired the place. A big, proper house, not a “starter home,” in a place I’d thought I would be free and my family would be happy, or at least relatively so. But things didn’t work out as planned.

My younger son, Ian, never really made any friends with the local children. You see, he’s afflicted with “Tourette’s Plus,” that is to say, Tourette’s Syndrome plus a mix of other neurological issues which make him a “weird kid.” And apparently the children in Cheyenne don’t like weird kids at all. My older son, Zeke, did a bit better, once he got into LCCC, but being a 2-year college, friendships there are of necessity transitory.

But worst of all, this is where my wife EJ contracted lung cancer, the most vicious, small-cell variety, and died in December 2012, not quite a year ago now. This is why I left Mars, with my sons. And why I now leave this blog, along with the dreams and hopes I had when I began this blog, and that journey.

Perhaps I’ll start another blog someday, about my life in Houston. But it will be different. Oh yes, it will be different.

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