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A LETTER ON FACEBOOK December 11, 2012

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I just wrote this to a guy on a FaceBook _warrior_ site who thinks it’s too late and nothing we do can save us from the end of civilization. Having changed his name to avoid more embarrassment than he’s gotten already,here is my reply:

Dear Neville,

I don’t know who you are, but you’re like that one, inevitable character in disaster movies, on the bus, train, airplane, dirigible, or whatever, who screams “We’re all going to die!” and has to bitch-slapped by a stewardess.

I am so sick and tired of conservatives who would rather lie down and give up than actually DO anything, I could puke. Years ago, I spent several months as the resident firearms expert on a radio program, here in northern Colorado, listening to phone calls from conservatives who actually _resented_ me for presenting solutions to problems. If it weren’t for them and their ilk, we’d have a free country by now.

The other side, the Donkey Boys, is weak and stupid. If the “other other side”, the Elephant Men, which is equally weak and stupid, hadn’t given us their weakest and stupidest candidate to vote for, things would be changing for the better, right now.

As it is, our Marxoid overlords know that they have only a narrow window in which to work their will on us. If we oppose them at every turn, their time will pass, and regaining our free country will begin. Take two steps right now: join Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (you don’t have to be Jewish — I’m not) at www.jpfo.org

Then go buy and read my book _Down With Power: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis_, available from Amazon,com or B&N.com in dead-tree or e-book format. It’s one of those underground “silent” bestsellers, like _Unintended Consequences_ and it could be the only thing standing between all of us and a FEMA concentration camp.

As you read it, you’ll find _plenty_ of things to do.

So do them.


1. R.D. Bartucci - December 11, 2012

JPFO membership is an excellent first step. You can’t have a conduit to that kind of information and _not_ be exposed to a fine understanding of individual human rights and their value as the touchstone of moral sentiment.

2. Neale OSborn - December 12, 2012

People like him are the reason we have Obama for another 4 years. He’s the type that falls for “You gotta vote Republican or Democrat or you waste your vote.” Even if a revolution started today, he’d be busy (from the sidelines) telling both sides how the revolution can’t fix anything, and you can’t win anyway.