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Tom, I’m very sorry I didn’t get back to you before this.

I am neither a Jell-O shooter nor a statistician, although I believe that both have their place in discussions of stopping power. Just not first place. A very _small_ place.

I believe in physics. My “Efficacy” formula combines energy, the ability to do work, with the area across which that energy is distributed. Both have their place. You can have lots of energy — .22-250 or .220 Swift as examples — and lack stopping power. You can have area — old-fashioned factory-loaded .44 Special — and lack stopping power. What you need is a salutory combination of both.

.357 magnum (in a 4″ or 6″ barrel), .40 S&W, and .45 ACP will all get the job done equally well. .357 does it with a little skinny bullet moving very fast. .45 does it with a big fat bullet moving pretty slow. .40 S&W splits the difference.

.38 Super Auto just barely gets it done; I prefer the highest energy loads. 10mm does it with oak leaf clusters. .44 magnum cheats: a huge fat bullet moving very fast; oak leaf clusters and a big blue ribbon under its kilt.

9mm not so much. As with .38 Special, people hit with it it don’t always fall down. Even worse, they don’t stop shooting. And they can sue you afterward. They’re both essentially pocket pistol cartridges in frames too big for them. As such, they can be improved. The S&W M36/60 is an appropriate frame size for .38, as are the Kahr K9 and the little Kel-Tec for 9mmm.

Glaser Safety Slugs are a big help — hell, I even have one of my .45s and two spare magazines loaded with them.

Be well,


Dear Family and Fiends February 10, 2012

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You know who you are.

A friend of mine just wrote to me that Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show on the Fox News Network has been canceled without any explanation (from Fox News) that makes sense.

I wrote back to him offering a relatively simple plan, if not to get the program back, then at least cost Fox News a great deal of money. What I propose is to identify Fox’s half dozen (or dozen) biggest advertisers, the addresses _not_ for their public relations flunkies, but for their advertising departments, and to send them all letters modeled on the following:


Dear Acme Widgets (or whoever),

Your advertising shows up frequently on Fox News, which just canceled Judge Andrew Napolitano’s excellent show, not because of its ratings — which bring you greater visibility and higher profit — but because of their intolerance for the program’s politics, with which, on other occasions, they falsely claim to agree.

I’m extremely sorry to say that, since your advertising money supports and sustains this utter lack of integrity on Fox News’ part, I can no longer buy your products, and I feel bound to persuade as many others as I can to follow suit.

Should you withdraw your support from Fox News — or they change their policy and restore the Judge’s show — I will reconsider.

“Sincerely” doesn’t say it adequately,

L. Neil Smith, author
Publisher and Senior Columnist
_The Libertarian Enterprise_


Be sure to pull out all the stops where your resume is concerned. I have about 1300 “friends”on Facebook, and perhaps I should have mentioned that.

I don’t get cable TV, so I can’t collect the sponsors’ names. Could someone else do that,please? I’d also appreciate someone getting the snail-mail and e-mail addresses of their advertising departments, too, as it would save me time I can use on my novels and essays. But I’ll do it myself if I have to.

I’m thoroughly fed up with this crap.

And so are you.


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Not that it probably matters to them, but I have stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and that entire lot, because of the vile disrespect they have shown Ron Paul, the only man in the Presidential competition who is honest, decent, and actually has a clue to fixing what’s wrong with this country.

I have heard I’m not the only one giving Limbaugh the bum’s rush; it’s said that his listenership has dropped by at least a third in the past few weeks. A lot of people have figured out who the “Doctor of Democracy” (or “Physician of Freedom”) really is.

Although it’s very difficult to get his program in Fort Collins, I will listen to Jerry Doyle (our old friend Michael Garibaldi) whenever I can, instead. I have heard that Michael Savage is behaving honorably in this respect, as well, but it needs confirming. Of course the great and magnificent Brian Wilson can always be trusted to do what’s right.

Meanwhile, a pox on all AINOs (Americans In Name Only).

L. Neil Smith, author
_DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis_


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I first became interested in the 10mm pistol cartridge when it didn’t exist. All of my ballistics calculations told me that that was “where the lines crossed” in terms of optimal ballistic performance with current metallurgy and propellants. I even “invented” the 10mm with a friend, making up dummies from .30 Remington cases and cast .38/40 bullets. When the factory cartridge came out, it was identical to mine, but 1/16″ shorter.

Naturally, I signed up to be the first kid on the block to have a Bren Ten — two of ‘em, in fact — but had to wait five years for magazines from the outfit someone actually called “Doorknob and Dickhead” in gun magazine print. I eventually sold my pair to the National Firearms Museum.

On the recommendation of a fellow gunwriter, the boss at European American Armory gave me a Witness in 10mm to use in _Forge of the Elders_. At the time, it had to be issued with ten-round magazines, which annoyed me to bits. From Brownell’s, I ordered a .45 ACP slide and barrel, and five magazines (whose natural capacity was ten rounds) and can switch back and forth in a minute. Once the ban was off, I bought 15-round 10mm magazines, plus a talented friend welded up the old ones so they went to full capacity, too.

Meanwhile, another friend of mine was having money trouble and offered to sell me a second generation Glock M20 at a very decent price. The original magazines won’t always drop free, but the new magazines will, and how likely am I to be concerned with that, given that this piece, too, is a 15+1 affair?

I’ve only had a few hundred rounds through each gun, but the idea I’ve heard expressed, that either one would be damaged or worn out by the cartridge, as intense as it is, doesn’t seem likely. I have seen what it does to mangle the Colt Delta Elite (very sad), so I know what to look for. The Witness is pretty heavy, while the Glock has that ability to flex which seems to nullify recoil to some extent. Neither is any worse to shoot, recoil-wise, than a 1911 in .45 ACP.

Disclaimer: I adore .44 Magnum (considering it “adequate”) and long to add “just one more” — the fully-underlugged 5″ M629 “Classic” — to my collection, so I may be more recoil-tolerant than some others.

I’m frequently asked about the fact that I regard 10mm as significantly more powerful than .45 ACP. My assessment of 10mm (indeed the power of any handgun cartridge) is made by multiplying the energy of the cartridge in foot/pounds times the cross-sectional area of the bullet in square inches. I’ve explained my reasoning elewhere, several times. .45 ACP (milspec) is a 59. Ten millimeter (Winchester Silvertip) is an 81. The “twice as powerful” I’m often asked about is from their energy, 369 ft./lbs. and 647 ft./lbs. respectively.

I guess I should add that I have S&W M610 revolvers in 10mm, both 5″ and 6 1/2″. I have used them extensively in competition (so has my wife Cathy) and can tell you that they are magic wands, bringing more accuracy and power to long-range handgun shooting than any other repeating handgun I know of.

I like all of my 10mms very much, although I wouldn’t mind adding an AMT Javelina longslide to my collection, as well as the 10mm conversion kit for my Grizzly. I also wish to hell that someone would build something like the M1 Carbine in 10mm.

So many guns, so little money …

BEND OVER, BEN & JERRY! January 12, 2012

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You may be old enough to recall a period before _Star Trek_ when Men
in Space (this was before we bumped our heads on the word “astronaut”
– or on gender correctness, for that matter) had to check for things
like temperature, pressure, and atmospheric composition before going

The gauges were often on the arms of their bulky spacesuits.

The acronym “EVA” hadn’t been invented yet, either.

Times have changed since then in many ways. One of the most noticable
is that whenever you “go outside” these days, it’s prudent to test the
political environment, if you can. I can never do business with Ben &
Jerry, for example, because any given dollar I spend on their products
could well be used against me to promote victim disarmament — the
view that it’s better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled
with her own pantyhose than to see her with a gun in her hand. The
problems is, there are so many like Ben & Jerry, it’s hard to keep

Now, in the ugly shadow of the National Defense Authorization Act, as
well as the ruddy light of an incoming apocalyptic meteor called the
“Stop Online Piracy Act”, meant to destroy the last remnants of free
speech in the police state America has become — and especially after
a full century of unrelenting political pressure to strip us of the
unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right of
every man, woman, and responsible child to obtain, own, and carry,
openly or concealed, any weapon, rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun,
_anything_, any time, any place, without asking anyone’s permission —
our old friend Sandy Sandfort, freedom fighter and originator (with
Scott Bieser, Lee Oaks, and others) of the spectacular webcomic
_Escape from Terra_ (http colon slash slash double U double U double
U dot bigheadpress dot com slash eft ? page equal sign 1) has an

A brilliant idea.

In a story written by Sebastian Anthony and dated January 9, on a
website called ExtremeTech.com, we are informed of an Android “app”
(and this is exactly the kind of freedom of communication SOPA was
written to outlaw) designed to warn you if you’re about to do business
– buy a product or service — from a company that supports the bill.
It does this with the aid of another “app” that reads bar-codes on

http colon slash slash tinyurl dot com slash 8734b5u

My poor little old Samsung flip-phone has no idea what an “app” is. I
have only the dimmest notion, myself. I’ve seen Richard Castle on HULU
make the screen of his smartphone shine forth like a flashlight, and
I’ve seen phones used to display the image of a candle, burning in the
darkness, so there will, indeed, be a light over at the Frankenstein
place. I saw one with voluptuous breasts that bounced whenever you
shook the phone; somehow, I gather, that was consigned to the Mammary

But I digress.

Sandy’s notion — and it appears the same idea occurred more or less
simultaneously to our equally good friend Claire Wolfe, Queen of the
Hooligan Libertarians — is to broaden the concept into software that
warns you if you’re about to do business with corporations that don’t
want you to be able to defend yourself, either from honest, freelance
criminals like house burglars, muggers, and rapists, or from runaway

Here’s Claire’s take on it, dated January 12: http colon slash slash
double U double U double U dot backwoodshome dot com slash blogs
slash ClaireWolfe slash

The “app” would adorn the icon representing such a damnable lash-up on
your little screen with a big red X, while bestowing, upon those who
uphold the highest law of the land, a check-mark in trendy green. When
I acquire my next phone (and the _Matrix_like cerebral programming
that is necesssary to operate it), I guarantee that it will have this

Meanwhile, Sandy has started searching for individuals who have what
it takes to make this happen. That includes people who could create
the app in the first place, and another echelon consisting of those
who would create and maintain the database behind it. Finally, there
would be information gatherers — and perhaps a reporting system — to
identify companies that are pro-gun, anti-gun, or neutral (not a good
thing in my view; how can anybody decent be neutral about the Bill of

If you can help, write Sandy, care of Claire, at boycottapp at hermit
dot cotse dot net

An advisory panel of some kind — make that a “Blue Ribbon Advisory
Panel” — will probably prove necessary to establish criteria for what
qualifies a corporation as pro-gun, anti-gun, or neutral. And after
fighting this bloody eternal battle for about half a century (I can’t
remember exactly how long, but my NRA Life Membership card was printed
in cuneiform) that’s one thing I feel thoroughly qualified to help

Sandy believes that those who do the actual work should share in the
proceeds. Claire thinks of it more as a jolly volunteer undertaking.
Either way is just fine with yours truly. I just want to see these
treacherous mercantilists and their pet politicians blubbering and

I miss Cherry Garcia, but freedom is worth it.

_CERES_ Nominated for Freedom Book Club Annual Award January 11, 2012

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I’ve just been notified that my novel _Ceres_ is currently being considered for freedombookclub.com’s annual literary award. The award is determined via opinion poll, which closes on February 2, 2012 at 7:20:30 (Eastern).

There is a link below to the survey for _Ceres_. I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d respond to the poll and ask others to do so, as well. I believe _Ceres_ is the best book I’ve written so far. I’m extremely fond of itand the characters in it. And I think it might be important in helping us to regain the free country we once believed we had.


It’s a little difficult finding the right place to vote. Go to the notation “1. Default Section” and you’ll find a little scroller. Scroll down and answer the questions. That’s all there is to it. If you feel like naming any additional books at the end, I’d be pleased to have _Sweeter Than Wine_ considered, or my forthcomng _Down With Power_.

Thank you very much.


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Regarding your recent attack on Ron Paul’s video, “What if China had bases in Texas”, which you assert is “dangerously misleading”.

No, Ron’s video is neither dangerous nor misleading. You just can’t take the plain, hard truth. As I was asking people a _decade_ ago, what would you do if some superior power arbitrarily told Americans that they couldn’t fly below the Mason-Dixon Line? What would you do if those superior powers blockaded America until half a million American children died for lack of food and medicine?

You’d fight back, if there’s anything to you.

And your contention that only Al Qaeda would benefit from Ron’s foreign policy is not only insulting, it’s insane. Three hundred million Americans would benefit, as would seven billion human beings in general. The only “danger” involved is the danger of people enjoying too much peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity than you believe they should have.

Sadly, conservatives appear to be no better than liberals, in that they have no honor, no sense of equity. They’re willing to impose themselves on others (at a brutal cost to everyone else around them), and yet they cry like little babies if those others impose themselves upon them. And they hate an opponent who actually fights back, whether it’s in the middle east or in Iowa.

That’s why I’m a libertarian.

L. Neil Smith
Look me up on Google, Wikipedia, or Amazon.com

I REMEMBER BARNEY December 23, 2011

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I was having an online conversation with a friend of mine who may
be even more into weapons and self-defense than I am, when he informed
me, in passing, that he’d just bought a splendid set of fancy throwing

This is what I told him in reply …

I meant to mention, when you told me about your throwing-knives,
that I was taught to throw weapons — especially including improvised
weapons like screwdrivers — by a member of the First Air Commandos
(an American revival of them in the 1960s), back when we were just
“observers” — losing about one guy a week from the base quarters
where I lived — and most Americans didn’t even know what a Vietnam

USAF Col. Barney C_______ was a neighbor of mine (I was a teenager
and babysat his kids), and an anthropologist by trade, who had earned
his Master’s or his Doctorate (I forget which) by making and becoming
proficient with an array of primitive weapons. His Bowie knives were
objects of legend, although one comrade he gave a knife to was forced
down, captured by the Viet Cong, and beheaded with it. This was long
before med-evac. When another of our neighbors broke both his legs,
crashing in the jungle, his squadron buddies had to circle helplessly
in their fixed-wing aircraft and watch him get eaten alive by

That’ll give you an idea.

Barney was flying ancient T-28′s in Southeast Asia with a bunch of
cowboys who basically used them in combat like horses and came home
once with a bandaged hand because somebody on the ground had shot at
his plane with an AK-47. He’d pursued the guy through the trees trying
to machinegun him back, but had trouble, I suspect, depressing his
fighter’s guns enough. When the guy ran into a hootch, Barney napalmed

Mess with an anthropologist …

He taught me — using a program he’d invented for line mechanics
who in those days were prime targets for VC who sneaked onto air bases
– to throw weapons. Aircraft mechanics have huge screwdrivers which
Barney taught them (and me) to throw right through the middle of an
intruder’s chest. Straight works better than Phillips. No sharpening

I won’t plan on throwing a knife at an opponent because, chances
are, I’d just be tossing him a weapon to use on me, or at the very
least, throwing it away. But I _love_ throwing hatchets (this was
before the Vietnam tomahawk got invented) and I became quite good at

I ought to take it up again.

This summer, though, I’m going to learn the _atlatl_.

Thunderbirdatlatl dot com

I TOLD YOU SO December 1, 2011

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What seems like many years ago, I wrote an essay — the earliest
reference I can find to it now is in an article published in 2000 by
former _The Libertarian Enterprise_ editor John Taylor, but I’m sure
it’s older — which, with a nod to one of my favorite scenes in
_Raiders of the Lost Ark_, was called “Why Did It Have To Be …

Its thesis, essentially, was that you can learn everything you
need to know about any politician if you find out where he stands with
regard to your individual right to obtain, own, and carry weapons. If
he won’t trust you, you can’t trust him. One politician I had in mind
when I wrote it was then Arapahoe County (Colorado) Sheriff Patrick J.

Sullivan is a Republican, 68 years of age, a former Bill Clinton
advisor who held local office 18 years, from 1984 until 2002. He was
named National Sheriff of the Year in 2001. However at the moment,
he has been arrested and is being held in a detention facility named
after him for trading methamphetamines for sex, allegedly with young
men and underaged boys, some of whom allege that they were coerced,
and that the former sheriff, rumored to be HIV positive, himself,
infected them with AIDS. It has been alleged he even went as far as
checking young prisoners of the drug war out of jail, and setting them
up in hotel rooms for days at a time to be visited by other powerful

During and after what happened at Columbine High School on April
20, 1999, there wasn’t a TV camera or radio microphone he didn’t cram
his lying, dirty, hypocritical face in front of, to attack the concept
of weapons ownership by private individuals. He became nationally
associated with the crime as well as his false solution. But like many
a man who brutalizes those he has sex with, we know now that he had
another reason to make sure his potential victims couldn’t defend

Here’s the thing: creatures like Pat Sullivan believe that they
are somehow superior — morally and intellectually — to the rest of

Creatures like Pat Sullivan believe their imagined superiority
gives them some god-given kind of right to tell the rest of us what to

Creatures like Pat Sullivan believe they have a right to set the
standards with regard to how the rest of us live, that they can tell
the rest us what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, and what to

Creatures like Pat Sullivan believe they can decide for the rest
of us whether or not we can be permitted to operate an automobile, or
be allowed to obtain, own, and carry the physical means of self-

Creatures like Pat Sullivan appear on radio and television to tell
the world that it’s dangerous for the rest of us to direct our own
lives and to do whatever we wish with them, that we need somebody else
– somebody like them, of course — to do all of that for the rest of

If the rest of us resist these altruistic benefices, creatures
like Pat Sullivan believe that they have a right to protect us to
death and, increasingly, they have the hardware to accomplish exactly

Creatures like Pat Sullivan even brag that they have a right to
steal our children if they don’t approve of the manner in which we’re
raising them and put them “in the system”. And now we know one reason

Creatures like Pat Sullivan ultimately come to believe that they
own us, and can do anything they wish with our bodies and with our

And that we have no rights.

As I write these words, there is another scandal developing in
Denver, regarding the newly-elected Mayor, other powerful figures, and

Understand that, as a lifelong libertarian, I have nothing against
prostitution, nor against homosexuality, nor even against the commerce
in or use of drugs. What’s utterly evil about these situations is not
the acts themselves, but the hypocrisy involved in doing these things
oneself while arresting and destroying the lives of others for doing

Pederasty is something else altogether. I believe that we all have
an evolutionary duty as adult human beings to protect our children —
all children — until they’ve grown up enough to protect themselves.
We can argue about a proper age of consent, but the duty to protect is

Thanks to the courage, intelligence, and resourcefullness of
investigator Jonathan Elinoff, his boss Tom Martino, and talk show
host Peter Boyles, a big, ugly truth has been exposed to the full,
actinic light of day. I don’t think they understand how big or ugly.
This kind of thing has been going on for as long as men have weilded

And thanks to the astonishing revolution of lateral communicatons
among individuals replacing vertical communications coming down from
on high in human civilization, a revolution that has already begun to
alter the face of that civilization, six thousand years of tyrant
kings and presidents — the Age of Authority — is ending. It is now
the time for our species to “provide new guards for their future

Thomas Jefferson understood that 235 years ago.

The rest of the world is finally catching up.

Pass it on.

THOUGHTS ON NOT DYING November 22, 2011

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My wife Cathy startled me the other day by saying, “I want to die

Let’s just say that the lovely and talented mother of my only
child is over 50, so at first this seemed like an extremely peculiar
thing to say, until I realized what she actually meant by it. She
wants to continue feeling young, right up to her final moment. She
also says — and this is a big part of it — she wants to leave this
mortal coil with lots left to do. I have to admit that the idea is
appealing. Let the graduate students try to figure out how I would
have finished my last book. Then they’ll die with lots left to do, as

Rush Limbaugh says the last check he means to write — just before
he slips over the edge of eternity — will be to the IRS, and it will

There’s a scene in _The Matrix_ in which Neo (and no, I haven’t
changed the subject), recently rescued by enemies of the cyberstate,
suddenly appears in a place he doesn’t recognize, no longer bald, as
he was when he first woke up aboard the hovercraft _Nebuchadnezzar_,
and without the holes up and down his back and limbs where he had been
plugged into the life-sucking machinery of the parasitic state since
birth. He’s dressed fairly nicely, instead of being naked, as he was
for most of his life, or wearing rags which are all the rebels have to

Morpheus, his mentor, explains that this is a computer program
they’re inhabiting, and that what Neo sees when he looks at himself is
his “residual self-image” — the way his unconscious mind perceives

Now I am a genuine Baby Boomer, born in 1946, and yet my residual
self-image is of a man only about 35 years old, with a complete set of
teeth, no furrows in his face or silver in his hair, and with a right
foot that operates within normal parameters. When I was young, I was a
skinny kid. In my 20s and 30s I was working on being a fat guy until I
lost weight on a diabetic’s diet. But the way I always see myself from
the inside, and when I’m dreaming, hasn’t changed very much over the

Not everybody is like that, of course. The great actor Walter
Brennan lost most of his teeth in what turned out to be a fortunate
accident in 1932 and looked and sounded like an old man for the next
forty years. Cliff Arquette played elderly Charlie Weaver from Mount
Idy for half of his professional life. Wilford Brimley has made a
career playing cranky but lovable old guys. I especially liked him as
the combat engineer and entrepreneur Bradley Tozer in _High Road to

He was pretty good in _Cocoon_, as well.

On the same time, I have had close friends in real life who seem
to have elected, sometimes as early their 30s, to become old men. One
of them once chewed me out at the mall for my interest in visiting a
toy shop, saying he’d given up that kind of thing long ago. I said,
what a shame. I won’t name any of them. They all know who they are. I
don’t really understand why they did it, I just know that it isn’t for

In fact I am chagrined to have caught myself on several occasions
over the past year or so, deciding not to undertake certain projects I
may not have time to complete. That way lies madness and death. I must
continue seeing myself as a young man, in order to keep living. As Tom
Hanks put it in the movie _Nothing In Common_, “They pay me to be this

Not enough, mind you, but they do pay me.

The encouraging fact is — if we get rid of the vile Obamanists
who see human beings as no more than a harvestable crop, along with
their mass murdering United Nations accomplices, who quite openly
proclaim that they aspire to reduce Earth’s population by ninety
percent — medical science may begin advancing at a vastly quicker

In the interim, our lives can likely be extended from the inside.
Therapists — the job I would have had if I’d stayed in school —
should find out why the years seem to go by faster as we grow older,
why the hours grow shorter when we’re having fun, and put a stop to

Like my wife, I plan to die young.

As Groucho Marx said, “You’re only as old as the woman you feel.”

So if you’re young — say, under 40 — the next time you talk to
someone who isn’t, keep in mind that he may not feel any older than

I certainly don’t.

In fact, I may feel younger.