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Murphy and Hugo (the "tinman" version of Seamus) retun to find Nichole/Alyss adjusting to her new life, and have quite a tale of adventure to tell themselves. Having been away several years on a mapping mission, they too were revived in new bodies from events they have no memory or record of.

In a hurry to find out what happened, Hugo's young great-great-great-great-great-great-grand-daughter, was tasked with managing their revival, and during her free time, built them a new star ship.

Taking a young, inexperienced girl on a dangerous quest seems like a pretty bad idea. Or maybe it's just the right idea for the job.

Completed Stories

Five centuries after the Murphy Drive brought the stars within humanity's reach, a troubled youth, Bolivar Eustace (Bok) Clark, struggles to make sense of his life and the distant world on which he was born. His world has no war or hunger, but also no joy or adventure beyond the cheap thrill of out-witting the androids who seem to run everything. But things get turned around after he meets the mysterious Alyss Roaz.

A sequel to the epic opening "QUANTUM VIBE trilogy," now available in three printed volumes from Big Head Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers.

In 3 Volumes: Nichole, Murphy, & Seamus

Five hundred years in the future, humans will have spread across the Solar System, establishing thriving colonies on many worlds, moons, and planetoids, and transforming themselves as they adapt to new environments. But humanity has not yet ventured to the stars for two reasons: lack of a practical faster-than-light drive, and the fact that dark matter has made interstellar space more difficult to navigate than previously thought.

But one mad scientist, Dr. Seamus O Murchada, has a theory he believes will open a new frontier. And to prove it, he sets off with his sparky young assistant, Nicole Oresme, on a tour through the Solar System, exploring the strange new human cultures on the settled worlds, making new friends, dealing with enemies, and solving the riddle that is "quantum vibremonics."

The near future sci-fi tales of humanity's expansion into the frontiers of the solar system. Liberated from traditional power structures, people living in the frontier are free to develop new customs and rules as may suit them, as born out in these tales of their struggle to survive and thrive in the harshest environments while enduring the pains of independence from mother Terra.

The fourth in the Henry Martyn series by libertarian author L Neil Smith with art by Scott Bieser. Captain Phoebus Krumm is ordered out of retirement on a mission of deep space piracy to prevent a war.

Odysseus The Rebel Odysseus, who led the Greeks to victory at Troy, has now openly defied the gods themselves and must match his wits against their might to reach his homeland and beloved family -- and change the course of humanity forever. Written by Steven Grant and drawn by Scott Bieser.

The story of three teen-aged friends living in the late 21st-Century United States, a world of flying hula-hoops, robot waiters, nano-phones, "clean-branes," and very little government to speak of. These friends have "borrowed" a TimePeeper, a device which can travel into the past and record events, and then lost it. To avoid being "sent to the iridium mines on Titan" they must themselves travel 75 years into the past, a dark and barbarous age, to retrieve the gadget. But that past holds a secret which will change all of their lives...

This is the story of two sisters: Susan and Libby La Muse. Susan is a sexy, fun-loving political activist for the environment, human rights and an end to poverty. She is also an alien. When her extraordinary abilities are accidentally caught on video, she suddenly finds herself the biggest celebrity in the world. Her straight-laced sister Libby is desperate to keep the world from finding out they're aliens, and becomes her agent to keep her wild hedonistic ways under control. But Susan has other ideas...

Imagine a world in which Texas never joined the United States, NAZI Germany conquered England but was held in check by a nuclear-armed Irish Republican Army, the Catholic Church has moved its headquarters to Brownsville, Texas, and Mexico is ruled by a neo-Aztec emperor in partnership with French colonial bureaucrats-in-exile. Co-written by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May, and illustrated by Scott Bieser, Roswell, Texas is the story of what happens when a special team of Texas Rangers races an array of spies, troops, and operatives of neighboring nations to a UFO crash site, and discover a truth even stranger than any of them could have imagined.

The Architect, by Mike Baron and Andie Tong, is a horror story concerning Roark Dexter Smith, a beguiler, womanizer, bon vivant, amateur mycologist and virtuoso violinist in addition to being a world-class architect. He also has a secret -- hobby, which he uses to destroy the family he believes has betrayed him.

The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel is the Prometheus award winning graphic novel adaptation of the 1979 prose novel, by L. Neil Smith. Art by Scott Bieser, The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel brings to visual life the story of Detective Win Bear who, while investigating the murder of a physicist, is accidentally blown sideways in time -- to a world in where the air is clean, both poverty and government are practically non-existent, and everybody carries guns!

The Hook, by Mike Baron and Gabe Eltaeb, tells the story of a world of musicians, divided into numerous enclaves ruled by violent gangs, and each gang is a band: Metalikkka, Industrial Goth, Fiddler's Green, Hip Hop Nation, New Jack City, Old School, the dwindling and inbred Classicists, and the tiny, struggling Republic of Poptopia. Each enclave is at war with the others. Conventional weapons were banned, but musical instruments have become even deadlier. On Granite Planet, chords can kill. Trumpets can decapitate. Tympani can terrorize.