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Big Head Press To Launch New Web-Comics Site May 1

Big Head Press announced today that after months of preparation its new web-comics site, featuring three original long-form stories by both veteran and talented new comics creators, will go live on Monday, May 1.

"We have the stories ready, we nearly have the web design completed, we're putting together materials for a big on-line promotion, and it will all come together in three weeks," said Scott Bieser, general director and lead artist for one of the features.

"The stories will each launch with several pages' worth of material, enough establish the story and show the promise of graphic story-telling goodness to come" as more three new pages for each story are posted each week, explained publisher Frank Bieser.

The new BigHeadPress.Com will be a free site and remain that way for the foreseeable future, Bieser said. The site will be supported by a combination of display advertising and merchandising, including the sale of the stories in book form at the end of their respective runs.

The features to be launched are:

The Hook by Mike Baron and Gabe Eltaeb (with Mark Stegbauer), a space-opera in which music has been banned from "civilized" space and musicians have fled to a faraway world where they battle the harsh elements, one another; and black marketers. Hans Shazam fights desperately to protect his village and the values of Poptopia as "Granite Planet" falls into chaos and suffers missile attacks from interplanetary interlopers. The story will be 110 pages long when completed.

The Architect also by Baron, and Andie Tong, a horror story of betrayal and revenge based loosely on the life and work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Gil Hopper, adopted as a baby, discovers he is the heir to the famous Roark Dexter Smith, and inherits Bluff House, a secluded mansion which a mysterious fire killed Smith, his wife, and Smith's assistant. But there are dark secrets involving Gil's heritage, which may prove fatal to him and his friends as they work to restore the half-ruined Smith masterpiece. The story will run 70 pages when completed.

Roswell, Texas, by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser, is an alternative-history tale in which David Crocket survived the Alamo, and as a result Texas never joined the United States. The story begins in 1947, when a flying saucer crash-lands in the far western Texas town of Roswell. President Charles A. Lindbergh's best friend "Wild" Bill Bear leads a trio of Texas Rangers in a race against foreign agents from Mexico, California, the United States and the Third Reich to recover the crashed machine and learn its secrets. The graphic novel is based on a story by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May, and newcomer Jen Zach provides the coloring.

The new, completely-revised BigHeadPress.Com site will include a forum where fans can discuss the stories, a merchandise area, and creator blogs in which story creators who choose to participate will discourse on whatever topic inspires them, Bieser said.

Legendary comic-book writer Mike Baron has worked in the comics industry for nearly three decades beginning with Nexus, created with artist Steve Rude and first published in 1978. Baron went on to write superhero stories for Marvel and DC Comics in the 1980s and '90s, and is currently writing various projects for Image and Dark Horse Comics.

Artist Scott Bieser began his comics career in 1985 and the following year began drawing and writing stories, coloring covers, and designing logos for Malibu Graphics' comics imprints. He left the comics field in the early '90s and returned in 2002 to script (based on a story by Susan W. Wells) and draw A Drug War Carol, an educational graphic story which is available both as a free web-comic and in print form.

Artist Gabe Eltaeb is a commercial artist and illustrator based in Colorado, offering his first foray into the comics field.

Author L. Neil Smith is a veteran science-fiction author who has published 24 prose novels since his first story, The Probability Broach, in late 1979. He scripted two short stories for Marvel Comics' "Open Space" anthology in 1991, and then adapted his first novel into comics-form with Scott Bieser as The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel in 2004.

Artist Andie Tong is young and fast-rising talent currently living in London and drawing comics for Marvel UK.

Big Head Press was formed in 2002 and has published two graphic novels, A Drug War Carol (the printed version) in 2003, and The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel in 2004.