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Strip 10 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-09-26
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 10 -- Turnaround

Panel 1
Establishing shot of the Burner arcing through space. Leave room for EFT logo.

Guy: (from inside ship) Ms. Stellina, I am certain that ever since our encounter with that insolent – handcuff monger – there’s something different about my food.

Panel 2
Inside Guy’s 'cabin.' It’s actually a cramped little 2.5m x 2m x 1.5m alcove with a sliding fabric door across the open face. Guy is sitting cross-legged on his bunk, picking absently at a tray of food in front of him, looking annoyed as usual. Fiorella is seated on a small desk facing the foot of the bunk. (There is no chair, one would sit on the bunk while working at the desk.) Trying to cheer him up.

Fiorella: Well, I did scan it. Nothing poisonous, but they seem to have left out any spices. You can have my food if you like, it tastes wonderful.

Guy: Perish the thought. I will endure this insult, and deal with these jokers later.

Panel 3

Focus on Fiorella with chin on knuckles, gazing thoughtfully at Guy, who we see a bit of from behind at the right edge of the frame.

Fiorella: I wonder how the Cerereans will react to us?

Fiorella 2: What do you know about Ceres?

Panel 4

Focus on Guy, picking at his plate, regaining his usual annoyed expression, not looking back at Fiorella.

Guy: They’re getting rich and not paying their share. I’ve got all the numbers in my PDA. That’s all I need to know.

Panel 5
Two-shot of Guy and Fiorella, at a very awkward-looking upside-down angle. Should be as disorienting as you can make it. Fiorella looks unconcerned, Guy is visibly nauseated.

Guy: Fiorella ….

Guy 2: I think I’m going to be sick.

Fiorella: Relax, Guy.

Panel 6

Looking at Fiorella from Guy’s POV. She sitting there talking like nothing’s wrong but there seems to be a spiral warp effect distorting her and the wall behind her.

Fiorella: It’s Turnaround. Your inner ear is reacting to the Burner’s rotation as we flip ends.

Fiorella 2: Be glad they did it under power instead of cutting engines.

Panel 7
Looking at the outer side of the fabric door, listening in.

Fiorella: Zero G would have been a lot worse on your ….


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