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BHP At Porcfest XI! [ Mar 20, 2014 ]

  PorcFest XI: Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival - June 22-29, 2014

Come see Scott and Frank at PorcFest XI this summer! We'll be running with the free-staters of New Hampshire selling books and talking up your favorite online web comic, Quantum Vibe.

Porcfest is a week long festival held by the Free State Project at Roger's Camp Ground in northern New Hampshire, just north of the beautiful White Mountain National Forest.

To our fans in the New England area and those north of the New Hampshire border, this is a great chance to come meet Quantum Vibe creator, Scott Bieser. So, dust off your passports, smile politely at the border patrol, and hope to see you this summer!

Stay tuned for more details!


Quantum Vibe, Volume 2: Murphy On Sale! [ Mar 3, 2014 ]

Hey kids! The next print installment of Quantum Vibe is on sale now.

Volume 2: Murphy picks up with Nicole safely away from her imprisonment on Luna, bound for Mars, so that Seamus may take care of some business matters. Nicole quickly learns that Mars is a planet of intrigue disguised as civility, and it's not long before she stumbles head long into plots so twisted you'd need an AI to sort them out. Fortunately, she makes friends with one.

BONUS: For the first time, you will get to see the first 60 pages converted from black & white to full color. Now you get to experience the entire Murphy saga in "living color". As I'm sure many of you agree, it's good to have a colorist. Click here to get your very own copy.


The .bit Revolution Begins! [ Feb 21, 2014 ]

I know the crypto/digital freedom fighters out there are wondering how in the world will they get to see the next daily update of Quantum Vibe after the forces of tyranny seize control of the Internet's domain name system. Well fear not. Michael W Dean of Freedom Feens told us about a decentralized domain naming system which makes use of a bitcoin like technology called namecoin. You may have seen a reference to it earlier this week on Quantum Vibe.

This distributed registry resolves Internet addresses for domains ending in .bit. Now, you can access the and websites using the names bigheadpress.bit and quantumvibe.bit.

If you want to try it out, you can download the free firefox plugin, freespeechme, from here.

íViva el Distribuida


Quantum Vibe, Volume 2: Murphy - Release Date Set! [ Jan 20, 2014 ]

Quantum Vibe, Volume 2: Murphy - Release Date Set!  March 3rd, 2014!

Quantum Vibe, Volume 2: Murphy, the 160 page, full color, print edition containing the daily online strips comprising the Murphy story arc, will be released March 3, 2014!

There were many bumps in the road getting this one to completion, and finally to print. Because of the blood, sweat, and tears poured into this one, we're extra proud of it. So proud, this one is 160 full color pages (in case you missed that part in the first sentence).

Check back here for more info, or follow us on FaceBook!


Holiday break [ Dec 25, 2013 ]

QUANTUM VIBE is taking a break for the next several days, to give the creators a chance to catch their breath and have a few days off the hamster wheel. We will resume updates on Monday, January 6. Thanks for reading and we'll see you again soon!


Oaks' Thunder Monkey on Kindle [ Dec 23, 2013 ]

Lee Oaks, the principal artist for the ESCAPE FROM TERRA series, wants everyone to know his solo project,Thunder Monkey, is now available on the Kindle.

Lee has recently had some surgery on his drawing hand to deal with a repetitive-stress injury so some sales of that book would really brighten his Christmas. (hint-hint)


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