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New Guide For Newbies [ Jul 7, 2014 ]

Our Story Thus Far - Title.

This week we return to brand new strips of Quantum Vibe. Yay!!! We pick up where Seamus is in the middle of having a major metaphorical bowel movement, when he hears a helpful voice via his cortical implant.

Last week's series of strips, Our Story Thus Far, is now easily access-able through our new guide for readers. Perfect for the reader who just heard about Quantum Vibe, but wants the Cliff's Notes version because she wants to catch up fast and join the adventure now! A handy link is positioned to the right of the page navigation buttons on the Quantum Vibe web site.


Porcfest XI Remembered. [ Jul 5, 2014 ]


We Be At Porcfest XI Next Week! [ Jun 20, 2014 ]

PorcFest XI: Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival - June 22-29, 2014

PorcFest XI starts this weekend! If you find yourself in the wilds of New Hampshire next week, head to Roger's Campground outside of Lancaster, and come see us at campsite #5. Scott will be on hand to autograph books starting Wednesday, June 25th.

While we are away, this coming Monday, June 23rd, the last 8 panel Quantum Vibe story strip for a couple of weeks will go up. Starting Tuesday, June 24th, Scott has prepared a short series of strips telling Our Story So Far to help catch up new readers. These strips will be followed by a few Tales from the Front cartoons Scott will be drawing next week while we are at Porfest. Regular QV story strips will resume Monday, July 7th.

UPDATE: Change of plans. We were going to start the "Our story so far" strips today to catch up new readers, to be followed by our popular "Tales From the Front" cartoons. We were going to do it the other way around, but Scott accidentally uploaded his Our Story So Far strips onto Lois Lerner's computer where they were promptly lost, and we can't access them until we get home. New QV strips will resume on Monday, July 7th as planned.


Please click the banner ad [ Jun 2, 2014 ]

Word is that reader response to the ZOMBIE MOON banner ad at the top of the page has been pretty good, although it could be better.

Folks, this is your chance to support QUANTUM VIBE without costing you any money and more than a few moments of your time. Please click on the link, and take a look at the ZOMBIE MOON website. It's a free mobile-game, which will cost no money to play (although you can enhance your game experience by purchasing points in-game -- after all, "free" games have to finance themselves somehow, no?).

Do it for Nicole. She needs help fighting space-zombies!


ZOMBIE MOON [ May 19, 2014 ]

Some of you may have noticed something unusual in the banner ad at the top of our page -- Nicole Oresme from QUANTUM VIBE swinging her Shovel at something that looks like a battle robot. What gives?

Well, it's a way of drawing attention to our special new sponsor: ZOMBIE MOON, a free social Mobile Role Playing Game, brought to you by Snakehead Games. You can help support QUANTUM VIBE by clicking on the ad. (Or the link text in this paragraph.)

Of course, you want to know more before giving up your valuable clicks: ZOMBIE MOON is set in a universe similar to QUANTUM VIBE's. Humans are colonizing the Solar System, and have established outposts on the Jovian Moons, among other places.

Only things have transpired a bit differently on Ganymede in the game -- a technical research station has "gone dark," and it appears some sort of ghastly plague has broken out at the station, driving its personnel mad. It is the player's mission to get into the station, fight his way past the hordes of zombiefied personnel, and find the cause of the insanity so as to put an end to it.

It's a smartphone game, so the game play mechanics are fairly straightforward. One seeks to build up one's attack, defense and speed abilities in various ways while progressing through the story. It's also a social game, allowing players to form alliances with one another, including a chat function where if you like, you can just shoot the breeze with other players.

I'm hoping to see a QUANTUM VIBE readers' alliance form here. I (along with more than 100,000 others) also play the game from time to time -- my player name is "Scortch." (Clever, huh?) You might find me in the game if you look.

-- Scott


A Little Of The Old Rejuvenation [ May 4, 2014 ]

The Quantum Vibe web site was in need of a change... again. And when the old grey mare just ain't what she used to be, there's really only one solution: cosmetic surgery (we're not in the 26th century yet).

With the new look, things are smoother and firmer than before. In particular, from strip=1 through the current strip, all are displayed in vertical stack format providing a consistent look for the entire story. It also displays better for our mobile readers.

And to smooth away some of those frown lines, we reorganized the navigation buttons; grouping them by volume, arc, and then strips.

Last, but not lease, we added a bitcoin donation button to the page for our fans who prefer a high brow line.

Now, onward to Hyperion!


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