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Quantum Vibe: Assimilation - Begins Sept 5th
LA MUSE, by Adi Tantimedh and Hugo Petrus with colors by -3-. 'A genuinely accomplished, imaginative and original piece of work.' -- Alan Moore, author of WATCHMAN and V FOR VENDETTA.  When a video of policital activist Suysan La Muse foiling a terrorist bombing hits the media and the internet, she becomes the most famous woman in the world. Everybody wants a piece of her.
With a majhor makeover and guidance from her sister and agent Libby. Susan cements her newfound celebrity status. Now Susan has an agenda: she's going to use her fame and power to save the world... whether you like it or not.
Full size, full-color, 224-page trade paperback. ISBN978-0-9743814-6-6. Diamond Order #OCT083903. $19.95
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