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Strip 325 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2009-12-11
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Medium close-up of Reggie King, shouting into a T-comm. He's wearing lounging clothes, of which we'll see more in a moment.

Reggie: Aliens!

Reggie: Are you crazy?

Panel 2
On the control deck of the Split-Tail, focus on Doris speaking into her comm while Fiorella looks on from the background.

Doris: Maybe so, Reggie, but check the vid I'm sending to your comm.

Doris: That's what our recorders picked up.

Panel 3
Medium shot of Reggie, sitting in an easy chair in his suite aboard the Delta Free. He's now holding the comm in front of him so it can project a holo-image of the Moai-asteroid.

Reggie: Okay, I've been to Easter Island – Rapa Nui to the locals.

Reggie: That rock is a ringer for one of the Moai I saw on a hillside.

Panel 4
Closer shot of Reggie.

Reggie: But UFO debunkers demonstrated years ago how it could all have been done with the primitive tech available at the time.

Panel 5
Cut to Doris, medium close-up.

Doris : Okay, but who made this big one out here in the Belt?

Doris: It sure wasn't spacefaring Polynesians.

Panel 6
Exterior shot of the Delta Free, in space.

Reggie: [sigh] Doris, there's something fishy about all this.

Reggie: I'd check it out personally but I'm aboard the Delta Free, still almost two decadays out from Ceres.

Reggie: May I hire you to keep an eye on what the UW is up to with this thing?

Panel 7
Cut to Doris, smiling amiably:

Doris: Sure, Reggie. I'm curious too, so I'll give you a 25% discount on my regular per diem.

Reggie (from comm): You're a lady and a scholar. Keep me posted.

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