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Strip 43 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-11-12
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 43

Panel 1
They enter an office doorway. Over the door the sign reads:
Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord…

Ernie: So Reggie, what ‘joyful noises are you currently featuring in your karaoke machine?

Panel 2
Switch view to office interior as the three men enter. This is a 4-meter-square room crammed full of memorabilia, although we only see a hint of clutter around the door frame.

Reggie: Oh, the usual – show tunes, pop standards and other oldies like the Beatles, Dire Straits, The Eagles, Steely Dan. You know, stuff I like.

Panel 3
Wide shot showing much of the room. To the center left are three plain chairs, Bert and Ernie seat themselves in two of them. To the center right is a genuine wooden desk, not large -- about 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep, and has a bit of an antique look about it. [Unless the wood was grown locally (possible) it would probably cost an arm and a leg. Which is good, because it helps define Reggie's history and character]
The wall directly across from the camera is dominated by bookshelves of various styles, most of them crammed with books, or with stacks of [old] DVDs, although on one shelf is a 24-inch brass antique cannon mounted on an oak-wood wheeled base. This is an actual piece that was once owned by Robert Heinlein

On the left there’s a credenza, not quite matching the style of Reggie’s desk, above which are hung scores of photographs, plaques, and certificates. We don’t need to see the details of who’s in the photos or what’s on the certificates. The right wall, behind where Reggie normally sits in a high-backed leather chair, is dominated by weaponry – ceremonial swords from both Japan and Europe, and rifles of various types, ranging from an 18th-Century “Pennsylvania Rifle” to a 20th-Century M-1 Garand. Underneath all the weaponry is a wide-style filing cabinet (drawers come out side-ways rather than length-ways), about 45cm high, which has a few papers and data disks on top of it but is not terribly cluttered, aside from an opened and presently empty cardboard box.

In the left corner, mounted on a 4-ft high pedestal, is a bust of Ludwig von Mises.
In the right corner, on a matching pedistal, is a bust of Wendy McElroy.

The top of Reggie’s desk is festooned with bric-a-brac, memorabilia of a life-time – including a miniature Statue of Liberty, a miniature Eiffel Tower, a bobble-head Sam Adams, a winged gargoyle figure approx 6” long and tall, a gold nugget about ¼ the size of a fist mounted in an iron base, three or four small photos in desktop frames. There is also a blotter, an antique goose-neck lamp, and off to one side, a computer keyboard [You might say “antique” keyboard or backup input keyboard, since the computer AI will take verbal instructions] and a small box which houses the desktop computer and holoscreen emitter. The holoscreen is not active at the moment.

In this frame Reggie is setting his crown down on top of the wide filing cabinet.

Bert: That doesn’t sound very religious

Reggie: Heck, a joyful noise is a joyful noise, right?

Reggie (2): Besides, I also have a smattering of hymns and spirituals. Whatever works.

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