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Strip 448 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2010-05-26
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Scott @ Alamo City Comic Con!

Alamo City Comic Con - May 26th - 28th 2017 in San Antonio Texas.

Buckle up Quantum Vibe fans, the summer season is fast upon us, and in Texas that means Alamo City Comic Con. And why is that good news for QV fans? Good news because Quantum Vibe creator and artist Scott Bieser will be on hand for the three day event, hanging out in the artist alley, drawing pictures, meeting fans and signing autographs.

Alamo City Comic Con runs May 26th through the 28th at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center, in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Norman stalking Robyn – we see Norman from behind (towards the left), Robyn facing him, arms out in a defensive posture, glancing desperately around her. To her right, we see the Sempere sculpture.

Norman: Heh-heh ...

Panel 2
Robyn is now brandishing one of the metal rods (about the length of a Shinai or Bokken) at Norman, baring gritted teeth. She should have a stance something like the guy in the left of this photo:

Norman looks annoyed rather than intimidated.

Robyn: Unless you want some of this, you kinderficking perv, don't take another step, or …

Norman: Or what? You'll break my nose?

Panel 3
Norman again advances on Robyn

Norman: Now put it down and give Daddy some sugar, or I'll have to call the guards and watch them shove that pole up your ...

Panel 4
Norman's advance is interrupted as the room shaes and sways. Norman doesn't look alarmed but the girls do.

SFX: Rrrrummble

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