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Strip 45 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-11-14
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 45
Panel 1
Make panel large enough to include the strip logo, and re-establish the scene:

Reggie’s cluttered office. Bert and Ernie are sitting in ordinary chairs across the desk from Reggie, who now wears normal Cererean clothing. Reggie has activated his desktop computer and is looking at information on its holo-screen, while Bert and Ernie chatter.

Bert: Well, I’m pretty sure you hooked our fish, but what now?

Ernie: Yeah, I’m really concerned about that Moon Treaty. It sounds draconian.

Background music (from computer): “And they wandered in / From the city of St. John

Panel 2
Focus on Bert and Ernie. Both talking, both looking at Reggie (who is out of frame here).

Bert: Compared to the average Terran, we are rich. Sure, we never signed the Treaty …

Ernie: And we never had any interest in UW.

Bert: But that won’t stop them from going after us.

Ernie: Once they decide we’re an untapped juicy watermelon.

Music: Without a dime / wearing coats that shined

Panel 3
This and Panel 4 are two tight close-ups of Reggie, looking at his holoscreen. In the first panel, he perks with mild surprise, having discovered something.

Reggie: Hmm…

Music: Both red and green / colors from their sunny island

Panel 4
Same shot, now a big toothy smile crosses Reggie’s face

Reggie: Heh. Heh-heh-heh-heh.

Music: From their boats of iron / They looked upon the promised land

Panel 5
Pull back so we now see Reggie at his desk flanked by Ernie and Bert in the foreground (or the backs of their heads, actually) he is looking at the Guzmáns now.

Reggie: Yes, but only if they see we are a juicy watermelon.

Music: Where surely life was sweet / On the rising tide

Panel 6
Switch angles, now we’re looking at Bert and Ernie, over Reggie’s shoulder. We can see enough of Reggie’s face to see that he’s laughing heartily.


Reggie: By God, we’ll hoist those bastards on their own petard!

Music: To New York City / Did they ride into the street

Panel 7
Side view of all three. Bert and Ernie are starting to get up out of their seats. Reggie is making a shooing gesture with his right hand.

Reggie: Boys, I need to spend a few hours doing more research on Tanglenet.

Reggie (2): Meet me at Callahan’s around .80. I think I may have our angle.

Music: See the glory / Of the royal scam

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