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Strip 5 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-09-26
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 5 – The Chief
(Double-sized installment for Friday)

Panel 1
Same scene from yesterday’s installment – wide narrow panel across the top. Leave room for logo on the extreme left, then just left of center, show Fiorella Stellina walking past as over her left shoulder (to the right), Guy is still leaning backward out of his cubicle, but now glancing at Bob who is standing behind him.

Bob: Guy, the Chief wants to see you in her office, pronto.

Panel 2
In the Chief’s office. Spacious enough to have a large desk, file cabinets lining three walls, data monitors along the walls above them, a couple of office plants, and a small conference table at the other end from where the desk sits. Behind the desk is a secondary desk with a large computer terminal and various knick-knacks. On the wall above are various 8x10 portraits of previous occupants of this office, with a larger portrait of Hillary Clinton in the center. There are two chairs in front of the large desk, and here Guy moves to sit in one of them.

The Chief is a Large Strong Black Woman (but don’t take the stereotype too far). She has painted-on arched eyebrows, permed hair, and a permanent sly smile. She fancies herself a skillful manipulator. Unlike everyone else in the office she leaves her jacket on. She motions Guy to take his seat as she speaks.

If possible, show Guy looking at the Chief's air-conditioner with an inset in the panel that shows the A/C's temperature display of 23°C.

Chief: I have a special assignment for you, Caillard. Ever been off-world?

Guy: Just to the UWRS Conference Center on Luna.

Panel 3
Two shot of Chief and Guy, seated, facing one another, Guy is reacting in near-shock to what Chief is saying.

Chief: We’re sending you out to Ceres. The largest of the asteroids.

Chief 2: We want to extend our control over the Belt. They’re all rich from selling us metals and carbon at inflated prices. We need to bring them in line.

Guy: Well, I, uh…

Panel 4
Looking over Chief’s shoulder at Guy, who now is brightening.

Chief: There will be a big bonus when you complete this mission. You are going to bring an entire world under our tax control. You’ll be a hero.

Guy (thought bubble): HERO!

Panel 5
Medium close-up on boss, she’s writing something on a paper in front of her.

Chief: You get an assistant. Any of the new hires you want?
Close-up on Guy, very excited and trying very hard to be non-chalant.

Guy: Er, well … Fiorella Stellina seems, uh, competent.

Panel 6
Medium shot of Chief, with a thoughtful expression and a large thought bubble next to her. In the bubble, Fiorella is surrounded by the faces of leering men and a couple of highly annoyed less-beautiful women.

Chief (thought bubble): Hmm.. she’s the biggest distraction we have … can get rid of her for a few weeks … one of the perks high-producers get at UWRS …

Panel 7
Two-shot of Chief and Guy. Chief is looking down again at paperwork – for her the conversation is over. Guy is on his feet, practically dancing with glee.

Chief: Okay, Stellina it is.

Guy: Oh THANK YOU, Chief! This is great! You can count on me! I’ll bring those renegades to heel…

Chief: Good. Now get out.

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