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Strip 50 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-11-21
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The current Quantum Vibe story arc is drawing to a close, with the final strip in the story going live on Friday, November 10.

You know what this means, don't you?

This means Scott will be busting-ass through November to get the collected volume of QUANTUM VIBE: ASSIMULATION assembled and available for sale by the first of December! The front cover art has been completed and is shown here.

We will announce the exact sale date before Thanksgiving.

Also, the strip will be taking a three-week break while Scott gears up to produce the next exciting story in the QUANTUM VIBE universe. Tentatively titled "Château Périlleux," this story takes place mostly in 31st-Century "France" -- that is, the independent, intergalactic, free-trade space-city also known as "Bubbleopolis," "Novo Paolo," "Kūchū Rōkaku," or simply, "Oz."

When we last saw Diana Martelli, who we met in the "Venus 23" story arc, she had taken a job with Juan Goméz, a private investigator. Her life is mostly filled with investigating insurance-fraud and divorce cases, pretty hum-drum. Everything changes when Goméz and Martelli are hired to solve the cold-case murder of the gynoid, Hayami. Her investigation takes her through the various realms within "French" society, where she meets a variety of other-worldly yet strangely-familiar characters. And the solution to this case opens up a glimpse of a conspiracy which threatens the future of "France" itself.

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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 50
Panel 1
Inside Isher’s Fine Tobacco & Firearms. Now we switch views so that we see the counter from the front. It is a glass counter, with a variety of handguns of various types on display. On the wall behind the counter, dozens of rifles of various types, lined up vertically, except for the left third, which has packaged cigarettes, cigars, and pouch tobacco on display. To both the left are shelves bearing ammunition and accessories such as holsters, cleaning supplies, other accessories. To the right, more tobacco products, ash trays, lighters, humidors, etc. Guy is now standing at the counter, facing Fiorella, who has laid the gun down on the counter but hasn’t let go of it yet. The gun dealer, Isher, is standing by, looking bemused.

Guy: Ms. Stellina, have you lost your mind? You can’t buy a gun!

Fiorella: And why not, Mr. Caillard? It’s perfectly legal here.

Panel 2
Closer shot on Guy, Fiorella, and Isher. Guy is clenching his jaw, Fiorella is looking a tad irritated, Isher looks like he’s about to burst out laughing.

Guy: Not for you it isn’t! You’re not a resident here, you couldn’t possibly get the required permits….

Panel 3
Now Isher is laughing heartily, Guy is looking surprised, Fiorella has a faint smile.

Isher: Haw haw haw haw haw! Permits?

Isher: We don’t need no steenking permits!

Panel 4
Alter the angle a bit, but still Guy, Fiorella, Isher.

Guy: You can’t be serious.

Isher: I figured you for Terries. Self-defense is a basic right here. Like I said, we don’t do permits.

Panel 5
Closer shot on Guy and Fiorella. Guy is sticking his jaw out, trying to lay down the law. Fiorella is smiling at him coyly.

Fiorella: In case you haven’t noticed, most of the people around here carry personal weapons. Sometimes concealed, sometimes openly.

Guy: A barbaric practice that won’t last for long …

Panel 6
Now she’s looking at him doe-eyed, brushing two fingers of his hand along his jaw-line – playing him like a fiddle.

Fiorella: But in the meantime, we don’t want to be at a disadvantage, do we?

Fiorella (2): Since we’re UWRS agents, I can get a weapon permit when we get home.

Fiorella (3): Please?

Panel 7
Guy turns away, struggling to retain his dignity as he relents. Fiorella turns to face Isher, who is smiling and holding up a compact pistol –
It’s a Tanfoglio Compact Witness, chambered in .40sw -- or actually, a Martian copy of the Italian manufacture.

Guy: Very well. But get something discreet, would you? We don’t want to look like … like the Rambo.

Isher: Got just the thing. And will you be wanting a concealment holster?

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