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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Looking past Pete and Naveed from behind, at the comm screen, upon which we can now see Pablo Rosenberg's hearing room. (We can also see some other bar patrons in the extreme sides of the panel). On the screen, the camera takes in several people seated in rows arranged to face Pablo's desk at the far end. Pablo is standing behind his desk, his hands raised half-high.
Pete: Considering how much he charges for refreshments ...
Voice (OP): Shush! It's getting started!
Pablo: (from screen): Okay everybody, let's settle down and take our seats ...
Panel 2
Close-up on the screen, featuring Pablo now seated behind his desk. We can see the backs of a few people's heads in the lower foreground of the screen.
Pablo: So, we have a case of the killing of a human being, to wit, Sv Anton Sherwood.
Pablo: Sv Emily Rose has filed a confession to the killing.

Panel 3
The panel now becomes the screen. Pablo and his desk fill the screen.
Pablo: The question before this hearing is to what degree she is liable for damages.
Pablo: Sv Rose is representing herself.
Pablo: Sv Sherwood is represented by Guy Caillard, as a member of the Speakers for the Dead, Civil Liberties Union.

Panel 4
Cut back to the table with Pete and Naveed. Pete is looking disappointed. Naveed glances sharply sideways at Pete.
Pete: Aw, I was hoping it'd be Merry Petzger for the dead. She's a real crack-up.
Naveed: I think this case is no laughing matter.

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