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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Medium shot of Pablo at his desk, his demeanor and tone are softer now.
Pablo: Emily, no matter how many people you kill, it will never bring back your family.
Pablo: Everyone has seen the video – there was no joy in your face, only the emotional blackness of a shark's eyes.
Panel 2
Medium shot of Emily – we can see Madame Defarge and some other audience members behind her. Emily has her head bowed slightly forward, her lips tightened.
Pablo (OP): You did the right thing with Harris.
Pablo: If Young had shown even a glimmer of personal responsibility and regret, I think you might have let him live.
Panel 3
Medium shot of Pablo.
Pablo: But you still carry a burden of anger that caused you to lash out against Anton. This cannot stand.
Pablo: So as a … a favor to yourself, get counseling to deal with your anger.
Pablo: In the meantime, you should not arm yourself, until you can carry weapons responsibly.
Panel 4
Medium shot of Emily. The audience behind her is looking shocked. Angle the view so we don't see Defarge this time.
Emily: I agree, Pablo. I deserve this.
Panel 5
Pablo at his desk, looking stern again.
Pablo: Okay, here is my ruling:
Pablo: One, you will become Anton's personal attendant and assistant. You will wheel him around, later help him walk, do his work at Sherwood Forest, and be on call … uh, 100/10.

Panel 6
Emily listening to Pablo. We can see Defarge behind her, knitting while clearly listening to Pablo.
Pablo (OP): If Anton agrees to this, he will provide you with room and board at Sherwood Forest.
Pablo: This relationship will continue until your debt – including the room and board – has been paid in full.
Emily: I agree.

Panel 7
Close-up of Pablo, his face softened, leaning forward on his elbows.
Pablo: Emily, there is tranquility, life and beauty in Sherwood Forest. Immerse yourself in this patch of nature.
Pablo: Sit beside the koi ponds and reflect on what you want to do with your life. I think you can do great things.
Panel 8
Medium shot of Madame Defarge, cutting the last thread from whatever it was she's been knitting. She is looking satisfied, and a tear falls from one eye.
Pablo (OP): Case closed.

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