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Four Panels

PANEL ONE (upper lefthand quarter of page)

Looking over the lounging narrator's shoulder, we see that he's
watching a handheld video device. On the screen is the lobby of what
looks like a small but extremely expensive hotel. Maytag, the valet,
is handing Demondion-Echeverria's coat to a provocatively-dressed girl
(see Panel Two for description). In addition to her emzeebees, this
one is wearing a light matching slave collar around her neck.

Maytag: 'Captain Krumm is indisposed, Ambassador.'

Demondion-Echeverria (from outside the video frame): 'As usual. Let's
go and _dispose_ him, then, shall we?'

Narrative: 'I didn't have to guess what was going on inside ... '


PANEL TWO (upper righthand quarter of page)

Inside the Immortal School again, toward the back of the lobby
where an elegantly decorated elevator door lies open. We see all
three figures from the back, Maytag. the girl with a shirt now added
to the coat, and Demondion-Echeverria, hand on the girl's arm to
steady himself, standing on one leg, pulling his trousers off.

Passing the elevator door is another young, extremely pretty
female, carrying something -- a business card or a letter -- on a
silver platter. She's attired something like the women in the street,
except that, like the girl with the men in the elevator, her dress is
even more sexually enticing. Her nipples are exposed and her feet (we
can see her legs almost to the point of censorship) are bare. On her
wrists and ankles there are metal bands about an inch wide and an
eighth of an inch thick. She also wears a matching slave collar.

Note that unless described otherwise (here, for instance), all of
the girls at the Immortal School wear nothing but a simple garment
consisting, in effect, of two handkerchiefs fastened at their top
corners with a slender cord or chain. (The bottom corners are
weighted, but there's no need to show that.) They also wear
decorative 'slave' jewelry: emzeebee bracelets, necklaces, collars,
ankle cuffs -- nothing overdone -- and baubles in their navels,
earlobes, and nipples. We see an occasional nose ring. Maybe we can
create an Immortal School monogram for them and to be displayed in
other parts of the mansion.

Maytag: 'But, Ambassador ... '

Demondion-Echeverria: 'Pray do not 'Ambassador' me, Maytag ... '

Narrative: 'If someone made a diagram showing every sneaky-peeky I'd
planted in that place ... '


PANEL THREE (lower lefthand quarter of page)

The elevator doors half-closed. We can see Maytag, the girl
holding the growing pile of clothing, and to her left, the figure of a
middle-aged man (Demondion-Echeverria) thin and wiry, in good physical
condition for a man of his age, wearing only a black Speedo, but we
can't see the latter's face.

Something is strapped to his left forearm and reaches from his
elbow to the last (largest) knuckles at the back of his hand. This is
his 'personal thrustible' and it's described in detail in Panel 1 on
Page 10.

Another beautiful female in ritual bondage, this one bearing a
steaming cup on tray, passes by the elevator door, going in the other
direction. She's dressed almost exactly like the other two girls, but
in different colors.

Demondian-Echeverria: 'I have no time for it.'

Narrative: ' ... they'd have to rename it 'Ye Olde Polka-Dotte Inn'.'


PANEL FOUR (lower righthand quarter of page)

Tight closeup. At the left, cut off by the panel, is Maytag's
goggling, multi-chinned profile. Occupying most of the rest of the
panel is Demondion-Echeverria's face. He has long, thin,
darkly-complected features, a large hooked nose, a pencil moustache
and goatee, and shoulder-length curly black hair, graying at the
temples. (Think Basil Rathbone in _Captain Blood_ -- or Dustin Hoffman
in _Hook_.)

They are facing each other over the top of the servant girl's

Demondion-Echeverria: 'I'm on a mission from the Ceo Lia, herself!'