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This is a preview of: Phoebus Krumm

The Transcript For This Page

Four Panels

PANEL ONE (upper lefthand quarter of page)

Lia, standing, addresses the three men, who have their backs
turned to the reader.

Lia: 'Along the way, you are to make one stop.'


PANEL TWO (upper righthand quarter of page)

Three-shot, centered on Krumm, as the other two men look at him.

Krumm: 'At moonringed Skye?'


PANEL THREE (lower lefthand quarter of page)

Lia, from the shoulders up and back to reader, in silhouette. The
three men look at her (and us).

Lia: 'At moonringed Skye.'


PANEL FOUR (lower right quarter of page)

Closeup on an ecstatically beaming Tarrant. The reader doesn't
know -- but we do -- that he's going to go see the only woman he ever

Tarrant: 'At moonringed Skye!'