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Roswell, Texas Deluxe Pre-Launch Deal

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Roswell, Texas - Full Color Hard Bound

Front cover of Roswell, Texas - By L Neil Smith, F Rex May, Scott Bieser, & Jen Zach.

ROSWELL, TEXAS, the retro-sci-fi comedy romp written by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May, and illustrated by Scott Bieser and Jen Zach, is getting a new lease on life from Big Head Press. The new deluxe printed graphic novel will be in a full-color, larger format hard-back book, and limited to 500 copies available exclusively through, the crowd-funding platform. This new edition will also include an afterward by Rylla Smith, daughter of author L. Neil Smith, who discorporated in late August.

The crowd-funding campaign is scheduled to commence October 25, ending November 23. Stay tuned for more announcements.

The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Smaller panel -- Reggie and Bert

Bert: Okay, but wasn’t that ‘World Ceres Pennant’ bit kinda cruel?

Bert (2): When he shows it to his sports-fan friends back on Terra, they’ll crucify him with teasing and ridicule.

Panel 2
Larger, Abstract panel. Try to channel Steve Ditko. Guy Caillard is standing by himself looking really embarrassed as he is surrounded by larger-than-life lauching faces.

Reggie (out of frame): I want Caillard to have every reason to escape from Terra. For us primates, ridicule is usually more persuasive than bayonets.

Panel 3
Back at the table, Reggie hoists his beer mug in a toast-making gesture.

Reggie: He’ll come here and be a productive and proud Cererean.

Panel 4
The three friends click their mugs together making their toast.

Bert and Ernie in unison: Hear Hear!

Reggie: To the World Ceres.

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