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Strip 124 -- First Seen: 2009-03-05
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
At Isher's Fine Tobacco and Firearms.
Guy is standing at one of the glass counters (not the center one) with Ernie.

Guy: I know it is the custom of Cerereans to go about armed, but I'm just not comfortable with guns.

Ernie: Okay, then how about a knife?

Panel 2
Now Neil Isher is behind the counter, having pulled a six-inch, fixed-handle, very fancy knife out of the glass case, and offering it to Guy.

Isher: Got just the thing ...

Panel 3
Guy is suddenly taken with the idea of knife fighting, and strikes a pose with his left arm held back and high as if he were fencing, and waving the knife around wildly with his right hand. Ernie and Neil flinch just a bit.
Guy: Aha! Le Lame! The Blade! An elegant weapon for an elegant gentleman, yes?

Panel 4
Now Guy is balancing the knife by its pointed end on the tip of his finger (an easier thing to do in .03 gee. Neil is now handing across the knife's scabbard. He's talking to Ernie, who looks concerned.

Neil: Promise me you'll sign him up for lessons.

Ernie: First order of business.

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