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Strip 139 -- First Seen: 2009-03-26
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Still in Reggie's office. Reggie is speaking to Harris through his computer, and with his left hand discreetly waving away Guy, who has stood up and is leaning over the desk now, in response to having heard his name.

Reggie: No, really. It was a ruse. We lied to Caillard.

Reggie (2): There is no government here to surrender to you. Nobody here speaks for anyone but themselves.
Panel 2
Small panel, close-up of Harris' quietly malevolent face on the holoscreen.

Harris (electronic): You are not hearing me, Reginald.

Harris (2): Do you know who I am?

Panel 3
Reggie replies. His expression is one of utter disdain.
Reggie: Yes, I know who you are, Butcher Harris.

Reggie (2): You are the 'hero' of the Albanian Police Action. You used directed-energy weapons against any village that did not immediately follow your orders to surrender.

Panel 4
Smallish panel, close-up of Guy, who has sat down again, looking a little queasy as he listens to Reggie.

Reggie (out of frame): You burned innocent men, women and children to death, from the inside out, with their own superheated bones.

Reggie (2): Yes, I know who you are.

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