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Strip 165 -- First Seen: 2009-05-01
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Large, panel, re-establish the scene: Exterior side-view of the Split-Tail with its cutting laser aimed at the bridge of the much-larger Gamma Conqueror (no need to show all of the larger ship). If room permits show one of the Beta ships with another mining ship similarly positioned.

Fiorella (from the Split-Tail): Here's what I'm thinking:

Fiorella (2): You land your ships on Ceres ...

Panel 2
Medium close-up of Kruger on the bridge of the Gamma.

Kruger: Ma'am, these ships are not designed to land on planets. They were built in space and are always in orbit or in transit.

Panel 3
Medium close-up of Fiorella at her comm console.

Fiorella: Cap'n Doris says to remind you that Ceres' surface gravity is less than 3 percent of Terra's.

Fiorella (2): She says your boats are way over-structured and will be able to lay on their sides with no damage.

Panel 4
Downward view on Kruger, so we can see him touching a button on his left-side console. The image of the ship's engineer appears on the small screen.

Fiorella (filtered): Says to ask your ship's engineer.

Kruger: I will do so. Stand by.

Panel 5
Medium shot of Kruger, looking up at the Split-Tail.

Caption: Moments later:

Kruger: Engineer says it can be done, but we'll need some of your craft to act as tugs. Is that possible?

Panel 6
Inside the Split-Tail, we now see Captain Doris at her helm console.
Doris: Absolutely, Captain. What do you think we do all day?

Doris (2): We're in the business of pushing big ugly chunks of metal and stone around.

Panel 7
Medium shot of Kruger, with a Captain-Kirk-like grin.

Kruger: Captain Doris, I presume?

Doris (filtered): The one and only, but I'm sort of busy station keeping with your ship.

Doris (2): I'll let gunner Stellina handle the chit-chat.

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