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Strip 23 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-10-15
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 23

Panel 1
We get our first good look at the cashier, from Guy’s POV: Looking 60-ish, 168 cm tall, rail thin but with large breasts – she was probably a knock-out in her youth and still doesn’t look bad. Dark hair streaked with grey. She wears a name tag marked 'Babbette Guzmán' and a friendly smile.

Babbette: Hi sailors, new in town?

Panel 2
Looking over Babette’s shoulder at Guy. Fiorella has just reached the counter. Guy is looking confused. (For this sequence it may be best to have Babbette on the left side of the panels.)

Guy (murmers): Is everyone here named ‘Babbette Guzmán?’

Babbette (out loud): Beg pardon?

Panel 3
Three-shot of smiling Babbette, Guy, Fiorella.

Guy: Uh, yes, we’ve just arrived, but we’re not sailors.

Guy (2): We’re revenue agents for the UWRS.

Panel 4
Same shot, except Babbette’s smile has disappeared. Fiorella gives a sideways glance at Guy.

Guy: Er – can you rent us some rooms for the next week?

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