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Strip 80 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2009-01-02
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 80

Panel 1
Larger panel (leave some room for the logo). The forkbots have just started pulling Section 12-327 away from the asteroid surface, as Bert and Jay hover close-by in their spacesuits.

Jay: Got it! Section is clear, repeat, Section is clear of the surface.

Jay (2): Begin vector towards Iron Works.

Bert: Lorna? How are you guys doing in there?

Panel 2
Inside the darkened Section, all we see of Guy, Fiorella and Lorna is a cocoon of thermal blanket.

Lorna (from inside cocoon): Still in one piece, far as I can tell. How long till we reach Iron Works?

Panel 3
Inside the cocoon, tight close-up three-shot of Guy, Fiorella, and Lorna. Lorna is speaking to her companions

Bert (from Lorna’s comm.): Jay says about 3 centimes.

Lorna: That’s about 45 Terran minutes.

Panel 4
Oustide the cocoon again.

Guy: By Barak, we’re going to make it!

Fiorella: Uh-oh. What’s that sound?

SFX: sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Panel 5
The cocoon drifts towards the source of the hissing, a small crack in one bulkhead.

Guy: I think this problem may be self-correcting.

Panel 6
Drawn by the escaping air, cocoon bumps up against the bulkhead crack. There’s a bit of a bend in the cocoon to indicate the part of the cocoon making contact is somebody’s butt.

SFX: Thwmp

Fiorella: What was that?

Guy: I believe that is my skinny, Gallic derriere saving yours, ma Cherie.

Panel 7

Inside the cocoon, tight shot of Guy, Fiorella, Lorna. Guy is grimacing as his flesh is getting slowly sucked into the crack. Fiorella looks at him with concern. Lorna is trying hard not to grin.

Fiorella: Are you okay?

Lorna: If we get out of this soon enough, he will be. But he’ll have one hell of a hickey on his fanny.

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