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Strip 90 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2009-01-16
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Regular-sized panel. This time we’ll run the logo across the top of the strip like we’ve done a few times before.

Guy and Ernie are seated at a bar. We’re seeing them from the back side of the bar. In the left foreground we see the barkeep, Mary Callahan, carrying away a couple of freshly-drained beer glasses. Guy and Ernie are drinking from freshly-poured glasses, and they look like they’ve already had three.

Mary Callahan is not an especially pretty young woman, but not homely either. She’s a bit on the stocky side, with very long black curly hair which she has pulled to the back of her head, where it cascades down almost to her ass. She has a round, friendly face.

We can see a few silhouettes of other people in the background, just enough to suggest there are some other people in the bar.

Guy: I’m ashamed to admit this as a Frenchman, but my luck with women is not very … very …

Bert: Nonsense, man. It’s all about attitude.

Panel 2

Pan rightward a bit, and we see there’s a comely young woman sitting on the other side of Ernie from Guy. She’s turned slightly away from Ernie.

Ernie: When Babbette’s mom ditched me, ya know what I did?

Ernie: I came here, foun’ the mos’ beautiful girl in the place, and said …
Panel 3
Panning a bit farther, we can see the girl has a husky guy sitting next to her, her boyfriend, who looks to be almost 7 feet tall and massing 140 kilos, . Ernie leans over to talk to the girl. She looks bemused but her boyfriend looks highly displeased.

Ernie: Heya, gorgeous, how ‘bout takin’ a spin wi’ me in my ice yacht?

Panel 4
Boyfriend is now standing next to Ernie, looking him straight in the eye with his jaw set.

Boyfriend: The lady is with ME, Sov. Fair warning.

Panel 5
Ernie grins just a little bit nervously, the boyfriend turns around and walks back to his seat.

Ernie: My mistake, friend! No offense intended.

Boyfriend: None taken.

Panel 6
Guy and Ernie. Ernie is taking a gulp of beer.

Guy: For a moment I thought there was going to be a fight. Like in the Old West.

Ernie: Naw, man…

Panel 7
Pull back a little so we can see Mary standing off to one side, wiping out a beer pitcher but glancing at Guy and Ernie, listening in.

Ernie: So long as I don’t touch his lady, or threaten her, he won’t lay a hand on me.

Ernie (2): Zero-aggression principle is the first law here.

Panel 8
Now Mary has turned around and is talking to the two men, smiling sweetly (we see her in side-view). Ernie grins back.

Mary: Second law is you pay your bar tab.

Ernie: Didn’t – ah – Reginald talk to you about expenses paid?

Mary: For him, yes. For you, no.

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