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Page 55 -- First Seen: 2010-01-01

This is a preview of: Phoebus Krumm

The Transcript For This Page

PANEL ONE (upper third of page)

The audience chamber of the Ceo Burton Halliwater in the Kryptagon
on Sibola. Halliwater sits on a fairly modest throne, its flanked by
thin, tilted computer monitors.

Before him, well to the side, is a courtier, an elderly chap who
looks like Richard Attenborough in Elizabethan costume. He holds what
looks like a 3x5 card in one hand.

Guards not unlike the Pope's are vaguely visible on either side of
the Ceo.

The center of attention are four of the aliens known as 'flatsies'
or _Nacyl_. They look like a species of giant, sapient planaria,
_Dugesia tigrina_, or flatworms. Overall, they are about six feet long
and eighteen inches wide, rounded at each end like a wooden tongue
depressor, with slight 'earflaps' making it look like a cartoon arrow.
They are a mottled light beige in color. Their undersides are lighter,
and slightly ribbed from side to side, for traction.

The _Nacyl_ can rear their front halves up vertically, forming a
graceful S-curve. It is their equivalent of human bipedalism. They can
travel that way, too, but at a somewhat slower pace than otherwise.
Like ordinary planaria, they have a pair of eyespots (about three
inches in diameter) that make them look crosseyed. Unlike ordinary
planaria, those eyespots appear on both sides of their bodies -- stand
in the right place and you can see through them, to whatever's behind

The creatures glisten slightly. Although it is not immediately
apparent, this is a protective covering they wear to protect
themselves from overly dry environments.

Each of these four wears a tattoo, about the size and shape of a
badge, about where the left side of its chest would be. It looks quite
a bit like a butterfly. One has a ring tattooed around the shape.

Courtier: 'Here are the _Nacyl_ delegation we were told to expect, my
Ceo. According to their bona fides, they are 'Edthoairm'vage ... '
Well, sir, it goes on like that for another three hundred Syllables,
or so.'

Narrative: 'Meanwhile, in the Jendyne Empery-Cirot ... '



Closeup of the _Nacyl_ with the ring around its tattoo.

_Nacyl_: 'Allow me, Ceo. We have adopted names for use in human
culture. We are Ariadne, Papilio, and Plumjudy, of the Birdwing
Consortium, and the independent trading vessel _B.C. Talicada_. I, the
commander, am called Heliconius.'



Halliwater, in profile, leans down a little to peer at the
_Nacyl_. Heliconius is up front of the group, looking like little more
than a thick, doodled line. The others can be seen, as well, if
there's room.

Halliwater: 'I see, Captain Hellack -- '

Heliconius: 'Heliconius, Ceo.'

Halliwater: 'May I offer you tea ... or perhaps something else?'

Plumjudy: 'No, Ceo, thank you, we cannot ingest human comestibles.'

PANEL FOUR (upper lefthand quarter of page)

Primary focus is at the back of the room, where a couple of guards
have had two girls step forward. Fit Halliwater and the _Nacyl_ in
anywhere you can.

Halliwater: 'I understand -- excuse me.'

Halliwater: 'No, no, _that_ one -- and the one standing next to her!
Have them prepared and taken to my apartments.'


PANEL FIVE (upper righthand quarter of page)

Halliwater and two of the _Nacyl_.

Halliwater: 'What would you receive, in return? I have a few thousand
silver clavises set aside for just this sort of -- '

Plumjudy: 'Save your money, Ceo. We want nothing that you regard as
particularly rare or valuable.