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Strip 125 -- First Seen: 2009-03-06
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
A Ceres City street, in the retail area. Traffic is light. Guy is walking along (practice-walking, actually) when he spies a one-ounce gold coin laying on the pavement in front of him. (Guy from now on wears his fancy knife in its scabbard on his belt in the front left cross-draw position.)

Panel 2
He bends over to pick it up, but it suddenly scoots out of reach.

Panel 3
Guy stands for a moment with his arms crossed, eying the coin suspiciously.

Panel 4
He takes a step forward and reaches for it again, but the coin scoots away, seemingly under its own power.

Panel 5
Now Guy is chasing the coin, comically bent forward trying to grab it while it skips along the sidewalk just out of his reach.

Panel 6
Guy slams head-first into a sidewalk vending machine (make it look futuristic and vague as to its contents). It stands on four very short legs and the coin scoots underneath.

Panel 7
Wide panel. To the left, Guy is now sprawled supine on the sidewalk, and dazed, but apparently not seriously injured. In the foreground center is the vending machine. In the middle background, Emily Rose is sticking her head out of a storefront doorway and yelling at Billy and Wally, who had been on the other side of the vending machine and are making their escape, stage right. Billy has the 'coin' in one hand and Wally is holding what looks like a small control device.
Emily: Billy Rose! If you're tormenting the tourists with that fake gold coin again you are so dead!

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