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Strip 140 -- First Seen: 2009-03-27
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
The bridge of the Gamma Conqueror. It's about half the size of the original Star Trek Enterprise bridge, the commander stands rather than sits at the center while various crew are at four control consoles arrayed around him. There is a large transparent canopy above them.

Admiral Harris is still 'standing' in the zero-gee orbital environment, by means of a meter-wide curved hand-rail supported at waist-height by two metal struts which arc up out of the raised platform and smoothly into the ends. If you show his feet, here are toe-holds he can shove his feet into to keep his feet on the deck from bouncing him away from it. He has small control consoles at his right and left, attached to the hand-rail frame.

In the foreground left is a crewman at the Comm console. Harris is glancing at him as he makes a 'cut' gesture with his left hand held below his shoulder-line. The Comm operator glances back in acknowledgment.

Harris: You leave me no choice, King Reginald. Prepare for a demonstration of the UW's might.

Reggie (electronic): No no, please, don't... CHRKK.

Panel 2
Harris turns toward a different crewman at the Weapons console (sitting at his 10 o'clock) and issues his command.

Harris: Weapons officer, destroy the target I have indicated in your screen.

Panel 3
A worried-looking young officer turns to Harris as he replies.

Weapons Officer: Aye Admiral but .. that looks like a civilian target.

Panel 4
Exterior elevated view of the Rose seastead. The 'sled' emerges from the far side of the structure and begins a loop around it. The sled looks something like a large pickup-truck, with airlocks on the sides of the cab, and a large flat bed in the back for carrying various loads. [It should be laid out something like a snowmobile with two turnable runners in the front and a powered caterpillar tread in the back.]

Caption box: 'Are you sure -?'

Panel 5
Small panel, close-up of Harris barely controlling his temper. Veins bulge at his temples and he speaks through clenched teeth.

Harris: That's an order!

Panel 6
At the Water Brothers Cafe. An annoyed Emily is standing in front of the bar, holding up her wrist-PDA, talking to someone we can't see on the 4x5 holoscreen emanating from it. Babbette is standing about a meter behind her, looking on with some amusement.
Emily: Dad sent you? You better get here fast, squirt ...

Panel 7
Back on the Conqueror bridge, Harris has floated over to his Weapons Officer and laid a solicitous hand on the younger man's shoulder.
Harris: Don't worry, son. I'll take full responsibility.

Panel 8
The somewhat relieved Weapons Officer touches a button on his panel. On the monitor before him is an overhead view of the homestead with the word 'FIRING' superimposed in red letters.

Caption box (Emily): Or you are so dead!

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