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Strip 187 -- First Seen: 2009-06-02
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Interior of the Water Bros. Office. It's about 12x14 feet, has two desks with the usual futuristic accessories, some filing cabinets, a dart board, a sofa, two extra chairs positioned somewhat hap-hazardly. Walls festooned with photographs, plaques, etc. although not so many as in Reggie King's office. Most of the photographs are of the Ice Hammers hockey team and players. Show a hockey stick propped up in a corner. There should be a back door. (not everything has to be in this panel)

We see the brothers from behind, walking into their lair.

Ernie: Sorry about the 'Kessel Run' comment ...

Ernie (2): Last night I was in the total immersion VR re-release of Star Wars. I played the Han Solo role.

Panel 2
Medium 2-shot of Ernie and Bert. Ernie is his usual devil-may-care self, Bert is getting exasperated.

Ernie: Anyway, we got the gig.

Bert: Ernie, we don't have a ship, Millennium Falcon or otherwise.

Panel 3
Ernie holds his left index finger up in a classic 'aha!' pose. Bert has a hand on his own forehead like he's getting a headache.

Ernie: Yeah, but Reggie has a burner-tug that he rents out to newbies until they can afford to fab their own.

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