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Strip 211 -- First Seen: 2009-07-06
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Wide panel, aerial shot of the Rolls driving through what looks like a suburban neighborhood still under construction, some houses just frames, others nearly finished, saplings planted in some yards, etc..

Bert (from inside car): So how do you explain the gravity here?

Ernie (from inside car): How long has this project been going on?

Bert: Who is going to live in these homes?

Ernie: Why all the secrecy, anyway?

Panel 2
Inside the Rolls. The brothers are seated side-by side in the back bench-seat. We are looking forward past them, towards the front seat. On the left is Drenkowski, turned part way towards the brothers with his right arm resting on the seat-back. On the right side (this is a right-hand drive) we can see the steering wheel, a bit of the classic original instrumentation, and a high-techy looking box mounted on the dash board – the computer which is actually driving the vehicle.

Drenkowski: In due time, gentlemen, in due time.

Panel 3
Reverse view. Now we're looking from the front dash past Drenkowski at the brothers in the back seat, each gazing out the window on his own side, looking a bit put off. Drenkowski smiles his enigmatic smile.

The brothers: ….

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