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Strip 216 -- First Seen: 2009-07-13
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Three-shot of Bert, Ernie and Tobi at the table on the patio. Re-establish the scene from Friday. Bert is looking askance at Ernie, who is looking anxiously over his left elbow at the ground. Tobi looks amused.

Bert: A micro black hole. Inside the planetoid?

Ernie: Isn't it eating the planetoid right out from under us?

Panel 2
Medium shot of Tobi, munching on a mini-sandwich in one hand and his iced tea in the other, kicking back and waxing professorial.

Tobi: Yes, but very slowly.

Tobi (2): You have to realize just how small a 50 nanometer event horizon is. You can only stuff so much down it in a given time.

Panel 3
Another cutaway view of the micro-black hole at TLP's center. Just slightly closer in than last time.

Tobi (Inset): 'It will take many, many millennia to drain this bathtub.'

Panel 4
Three-shot of Bert, Ernie and Tobi at the table, focus on Ernie, who is turning his head back and forth looking at both Tobi and Bert in alarm as they are looking like x-ray skeletons in skin bags. (special-effects sight gag)

Bert: But isn't it still throwing off huge amounts of x-rays and other nasty stuff?

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