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Strip 224 -- First Seen: 2009-07-23
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Another illustrative panel. A 20-years-younger Tobi, this time dressed in cargo pants and a [pizza stained] t-shirt under a loose, open-fronted hoodie, is in the left side of the frame, closing a knife-type switch mounted on a wall which is positioned in the middle of the panel. On the right is a great tangle of white looping lines against a dark background that has stars in it – a sort of stylistic representation of Tanglenet. [Let's make sure the reader understands this a stylized concept. Maybe the Tanglenet concept is shown in a thought bubble above Tobi.]
Tobi (OP): Tanglenet was one of the most disruptive technologies in human history, because it fulfilled the Internet's promise.

Panel 2
A darkened conference room full of powerful-looking people seated at a long table, with one of them at the end pointing at some graphs on a large (51” diagonal) HDTV display.
Tobi (OP): Forget the phone, television or the Internet. The Tanglenet hurt governments way more.

Panel 3
Silhouettes of two men, facing each other, talking on their cellphones. Outline the phones so we can see them. One of the silhouettes is wearing a short-brimmed fedora. The other one is wearing a turban.

Tobi: Tanglenet cannot be eavesdropped on, traced, or jammed.

Tobi (2): Any dissident group, rebels, smugglers, or even terrorists can communicate, share info and make plans in complete secrecy.

Panel 4
Back at Tobi's table, medium shot of Tobi sipping on his tea.
Tobi: Imagine what fears that put in the hearts of repressive governments everywhere.

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