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Strip 255 -- First Seen: 2009-09-04
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Still at the elevator terminal. Final bit if speechifying by Tobi. Here he's looking serious.

Tobi: You know who I really would like to be?

Tobi (2): My all-time favorite personal hero, Norman Borlaug.
Panel 2
Close two-shot of Bert and Ernie.

Bert and Ernie in unison: Who?

Panel 3
Focus on Tobi, with the others gathered around him.
Tobi: Who was the Cambodian leader who murdered over a quarter of his countrymen?
Everyone else in unison: Pol Pot!

Panel 4
Switch angles, now Tobi's back to us and we can see everyone else facing him.

Tobi: And what two 'world leaders' shared the distinction of having murdered their own countrymen somewhere in the eight-figure range?

Everyone else in unison: Stalin, Mao!

Panel 5
Medium close-up on Tobi, holding up a professorial finger.

Tobi: So you know these monsters who spilled an ocean of blood, but you don't have a clue about the hero who was the Green Revolution.

Tobi: The man who saved the lives of over a billion fellow human beings.

Panel 6
Group shot, put Ernie on the left and Tobi on the right.

Ernie: Uh, I'm guessing 'Norman Borlaug?'

Tobi: You should look him up in the Tanglepedia. It's inspiring.

Panel 7
Final group shot, focus on Tobi. Where we can see the faces of the others, they're smiling.

Tobi: He's my hero, but also my rival. I want to kick Borlaug's ass.

Tobi: I want to be the man who saved ten billion lives.

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