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Strip 280 -- First Seen: 2009-10-09
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Reggie is asleep in his bed. We see the book he's been reading on the nightstand. Throughout this strip and until he prepares to leave the station, he's not wearing anything except sometimes his slippers (the floor is cold). Right now, he has a comforter pulled up to chest-level.

Disembodied voice: Reggie ….

Panel 2
Reggie sits bolt upright in his bed.

Disembodied voice: Reggie ….

Reggie: Damned wind.

Panel 3
Reggie is lying down again as before. But one eye pops wide open as he hears his name again.

Disembodied voice: Reggie ….

SFX: (musical notes)
Reggie (thought): Great! The auditory hallucinations have to come when I'm trying to sleep!

Panel 4
Reggie has covered his head with the spare pillow.

Voice: Reggie! You have to solve this mystery, now wake up and get to work!

Panel 5
Reggie sitting up again. Frame the panel so we only see him from the waist up. He's naked but we don't need to see his junk. We do see one hand throwing off the comforter.

Reggie: Well, that's not the wind.

Panel 6
This should be the largest panel on the page. Standing beside his bed, Reggie is startled to see the form of Fiorella, standing near the foot of his bed. She is dressed in a see-through nightie. Her breasts are larger than usual, almost like a Will Elder drawing of Little Annie Fanny. We see Reggie from behind, focus should be on Fiorella.

No dialog.

Panel 7
Medium close-up on Fiorella, finger pointing on her chin coquettishly.

Fiorella: Forget something, Reggie?

Panel 8
Waist-up, frontal shot of Reggie, looking downward in the realization that he's naked.

Fiorealla (OP): Come on, figure it out.

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