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Strip 308 -- First Seen: 2009-11-18
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Two-shot of Reggie and Peña.

Reggie: Possibly I am insane, but 4 percent is the current figure.

Reggie: Call up the log on your network and see for yourself.

Panel 2
Looking over Peña's shoulder as he looks at a list of numbers (too small for us to see) on his desk holo-monitor. We can see just enough of his face to show he's astonished.

Peña: How … how is this possible?

Panel 3
Medium shot of Reggie.

Reggie: The Array sits atop a huge methane clathrate field. It remains stable because of the extreme cold in winter and the permafrost in summer.

Reggie: The Array is powered by fusion reactors. And how do those reactors dump excess heat?

Panel 4
Medium shot of Peña sitting back in his chair, looking a bit contrite as it dawns on him where this is going.

Peña: We sunk long metal rods a hundred meters into the underlying regolith to act as heat exchangers.

Peña: Apparently they are doing their job and then some.

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