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Strip 31 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-10-27
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The Transcript For This Page

Strip 31

Panel 1
Guy and Fiorella emerge from the door marked 'Rooms.' They are getting better at walking. In the foreground, Babbette sees them over her shoulder and smiles. Everyone is in somewhat different clothes, indicating it’s a new day.

Babbette: You folks sleep well?

Guy: Yes, thank you Ms. Guzmán. Are your sons …

Panel 2
Babbette gestures towards Bert and Ernie, seated at a café table, all smiles. Bert is tall, fair, blond and Nordic looking. Ernie is short, dark and stocky. Throughout this scene, the brothers are wearing rather forced smiles.

Babbette: Right here, Mr. Caillard. This is Bert, and that’s Ernie.

Bert and Ernie (in unison): Good morning.

Panel 3
Guy and Fiorella seated at the table with Bert and Ernie.

Fiorella: So you gentlemen are brothers?

Ernie: Well, Bert’s adopted

Bert: It’s a long story

Ernie: But he’s been a Guzmán since I can remember

Bert: And we’re a close family.

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