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Strip 312 -- First Seen: 2009-11-24
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Wide panel, establishing shot of Reggie's luxury suite aboard the Delta Free. At the moment he is unpacking his suitcase, which is laying on the queen-sized bed. In the background, there is a large wall panel which is currently set to view the Martian landscape outside the ship.

Reggie: That cold, dead Marsscape will be transformed in a few years ...

Reggie: Rather like this vessel was transformed from the death-dealing Gamma Conqueror into the life-affirming spaceliner Delta Free.

Panel 2
Medium close-up of Reggie, looking a bit pleased with himself.

Reggie:And to think I had a hand in both of these transformations.

Panel 3
Medium shot of Reggie looking at himself in the bureau mirror. Over his shoulder, in the mirror we see Reggie's reflected image and also a more ghostly image of 'Joe King' over Reggie's shoulder.

Reggie: I can't undo my past sins, but if 'Joe King' ever comes knocking again, I'll be able to stand taller.

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