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Strip 375 -- First Seen: 2010-02-19
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Wide panel. The Fokker chases Buzz in a sweeping arc across the sky filled with various odd-shaped floating buildings, and a half-dozen other types of wacky flying conveyances. Buzz is glowing yellow, and is trailing a string of musical thirty-second notes (which will be explained in a moment).

Caption: Fiorella was impressed how quickly Doris mastered the Fokker's controls.

Fiorella (thought): Damn! I'm working for one hell of a pilot and a great boss.

Panel 2
View from behind the Fokker, chasing Buzz, still glowing and trailing musical notes.. He's doing 'evasive maneuvers,' and Doris is tracking his path.

Fiorella: He's giving us quite a chase.

Doris: Just the way I like it!

Switch angles to look at both the girls in the plane. Both of them grinning like excited children.

Fiorella: It helps the way he glows.

Doris: Not to mention, the audio. Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee is hard to mistake.

Panel 4
Tallish, narrow panel. Medium close-up of Fiorella looking forward.

Fiorella (from plane): Buzz, do you have a brief introduction to the hotel?

Panel 5
Very large panel, showcasing the hotel, which looms large as the Fokker diminishes in the approach.

Buzz: Hotel Mandala is a roating disk, 180 meters in diameter and 105 meters thick. There are three lobes that extend another 10 meters beyond the disk's rim.

Buzz: The disk tapers in 5-meter increments on each side, creating nine circular levels, with the lobes comprising the 10th level.

Buzz: The hotel rotates at 3 revolutions per minute.

Panel 6
Another wide panel, across the bottom of the page. Buzz is now flying close above the girls' heads, as they continue flying (rightward) towards the hotel. His balloon will appear to the right (in front) of them. The girls are looking thoughtful.

Buzz: This provides a range of artificial gravities that increase in approximately one-tenth gee increments per level, up to Earth-equivalent at the 10th level.

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