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Strip 387 -- First Seen: 2010-03-05
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
A somewhat high-angled shot looking past Buzz perched atop the trolley in the foreground at the girls. Fiorella has taken one of the jump-suits off the rack and his holding it in front of her, the way women do when they're considering a new dress. Doris is looking and speaking to Buzz.

Buzz: When you are ready for breakfast, please let me know what you would like and I will see that it is delivered.

Doris: So Buzz, is there anything fun to do around here?

Panel 2
Same shot. Buzz remains silently perched atop the trolley. The girls are puzzled by the silence and are glancing at each other.

No dialog.

Panel 3
Switch angle so that the girls are in the foreground, Buzz on the trolley in the background. The girls are reacting like someone is dragging fingernails across the blackboard.

Buzz: Ah, that was meant as a joke, wasn't it?

Buzz: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Panel 4
Two-shot of Doris and Buzz, however you can manage it.

Doris: Buzz! Never make that sound again!

Buzz: Yes Doris.

Panel 5
Wide shot. The girls and Buzz and the trolley to the left side; to the right is a large section of the wall that is clearly a framed flat-video monitor, about 120-inch diagonal. Currently displaying an abstract swirl of colors. The girls are turning to look at it as Buzz speaks.

Buzz: The wall screens are voice interactive.

Buzz: The default command initiator is 'Screen,' however you may reset to another initiator.

Buzz: The screen can be queried for information about the Park and its attractions.

Panel 6
Doris stands squarely before the screen and addresses it.

Doris: Screen

Screen: Yes, Doris.

Panel 7
Medium close-up of Doris.

Doris: I wish to address you as 'Computer.' Can you respond like the computer in the original Star Trek TV series?

Panel 8
Two-shot of Doris and Fiorella; Fiorella is gazing at the screen which is off-panel behind the camera; Doris is glancing at Fiorella and smiling a bit sheepishly.

Screen (in a different, retro sort of font): Working.

Doris: I love the classics.

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