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Strip 395 -- First Seen: 2010-03-17
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
New scene: The girls are dressed and flying their Fokker, (Doris should be in the pilot's seat, which is the REAR seat. Both girls could be wearing leather flying helmets and goggles. A long flier's scarf could be around Doris' neck and trailing in the wind) with Buzz leading the way, towards the Hall of Giants, which was described previously. We see the plane from a rear angle, with the Hall and its smaller orbiting shapes looming before our heroines.

Doris: First stop, the Hall of Giants.

Fiorella: Out of respect for our host, we should view his sculptures.

Panel 2
The girls have disembarked from their plane and pull themselves along via guide ropes through a large room filled with wooden sculptures ranging from a foot tall (in display cases) to 25 feet tall, all carved in various Polynesian styles. The girls look impressed. In this and the next few rooms there are other visitors milling about as space permits.

Doris: My word … Arana can be an insightful and subtle artist when his heart's in it.

Panel 3
The girls are in their plane again, flying by three of the orbiting objects – the octahedron, the cube, and the cylinder. They are each a transparent encasement for three gigantic, detailed busts of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking, looking as majestic as you can make them.

Fiorella: 'Hall of Giants' indeed.

Panel 4
The girls fly slowly by another shape, a giant tetrahedron shell encasing another tetrahedron half its size, sprouting the mop-topped heads of the Beatles from each of its four sides.

Doris: Now, this is truly fab.

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