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Strip 400 -- First Seen: 2010-03-23
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
The next few scenes are going to require strategic posing, use of shadows, etc to avoid showing genitalia which would spoil our PG-13 rating. (Nipples are ok but let's try to keep the poses classy and not in-your-face.)

Fiorella and Doris 'swim' out of the water.

Doris: I think I see just the right-sized alcove for us, over here on the left.

SFX: soft musical notes

Panel 2
Inside the alcove. Fiorella is lying nude on her stomach; Doris is wearing a light-weight wrap around her upper body, just long enough to cover the 'naughty' parts. She is commencing the massage, on Fiorella's upper back, her feet placed in toe-locks allowing herself to push against Fiorella without sailing across the room..
Fiorella: Ahhhh ….

Doris: Let me know if I'm hurting you.

SFX: soft musical notes

Panel 3
The massage continues, Doris working down along Fiorella's spine.

Fiorella: No problem, Boss, I'm in heaven.

Fiorella: I promise I will sign up for massage courses as soon as we make landfall on Ceres.

Panel 4
Angle shows Fiorella's head large in the foreground, as she glances back at Doris, who continues massaging (we can't see where her hands are at this point).
Fiorella: I want to return the favor.
Doris: Good girl, but I'm enjoying this too.

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